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Questions about holistic releasing and goals

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  • Questions about holistic releasing and goals

    Hi :-)

    I am currently working a lot with practical freedom and I must say that this has been the most effectful way for me to release. For those of you who dont know it, it is all about holistic releasing. Immediately after beginning a buzzing of energy begins in most of my body. And I really feel the effect afterwards. It is a very very assuring thing - I feel the effects on my relationships and towards myself, and I know that things will get better and better. It feels very effective also because of the speed of the questions. I can really recommend it to everyone, but maybe it is different what works best for us individually. I will work on this for a (maybe a long) while and afterwards move to absolute freedom. That I really look forward to but right now there are so many “practical” things it makes sense for me to work on.

    I have two questions:

    1. Even though I feel it working, I am still a bit confused about how to do it. I have tried to really get into the mindset of the questions but most often it is too hard and feel forced, and I dont feel i get enough time to get into the mindset - fx allowing myself to be as closed to and the open to a person I am working on is a real braintwister for me. Do I need to see pictures, find experiences etc? On the other hand I feel the energy flowing in my body if I just listen snd say yes to the questions. Without really doing anything else. Is that enough?

    2. Do you have some recommendations on how to work with goals with holistic releasing?

    All the best, Esben

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    Hi Esbenmad!

    You are actually releasing holistically perfectly! Just let the words wash over you and do whatever they do.

    One way to use holistic releasing for goals can be to explore welcoming and resisting. Example:

    I resist my goal as much as I do.
    I welcome my goal as best I can.

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      Thank you Delilah :-) It is assuring to me, that you think I an doing it right :-) I will do the polarity you mention on my goals.

      All the best, Esben