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  • laughter
    Great releasing gains, ananda99!

    Some approaches I have found very helpful when overwhelmed are below.

    -- A holistic release alternating between these two questions: Could I welcome feeling as overwhelmed as I do? Could I welcome feeling as empowered as I am? (Feel free to tweak the questions to resonate for you.) OR

    -- The Releasing Accelerator by Hale Dwoskin I have found it helpful to listen to the whole thing or even a track or two. OR

    -- Hale's suggestion: "When you are feeling overwhelmed by a problem or a memory, allow yourself to find small things about it that you would like to change. Then, one at a time, let go of wanting to change them until you feel ready to let the whole issue go." Hale Dwoskin, as posted on Facebook, April, 2019.

    Please us know how things unfold for you.

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  • Daremo
    For overwhelm you could additionally explore
    In this moment, if you do not go into memory, can you actually find this "me" that feels overwhelmed
    Are you then one that feels overwhelmed or the one that is aware?

    As for wanting to figure out what to release next you could
    -Welcome it and the let go of wanting to figure it out, wanting to know
    then ask a positive question
    -What can I do in this moment to simply support myself?
    -What can I do in this moment that is to everyone's highest good?
    And allow your intuitive knowingness to give you the answer
    -Could you just be open to the answer? Could you do that even more?

    Self-Esteem Supercharger and Miracle Mindset paraliminals work great for me for this kinds of feelings

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  • zannierose
    great to notice that...could it get even better? Could you let go and find out?

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  • ananda99
    Whoa, letting go of want to change on overwhelm worked wonders. It was a very relaxing experience and I felt a lot of stuff leaving me.

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  • ananda99
    Ah, and well just welcome the overwhelm as I learned in a post of Delilah.

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  • ananda99
    started a topic Releasing about overwhelm

    Releasing about overwhelm

    What I found during releasing on "Wanting to be done with the world" (see the other thread) is overwhelm.

    I managed to add several things on top: Eating something as the last dinner that caused overwhelm for my body, then getting to bed a bit late, then my reaction to the letter regarding public television fees that I do not even need to act upon as it was of informal nature.

    I begin to recognize this as a pattern: I ate things or more than my body can handle in a good way, this created a pattern of feeling bad - I learned that 70 percent of all serotines or more are produced in the gut area -, I went to bed late, I did too much on too many different topics.

    So I am starting this thread on how to deal with overwhelm in general. And also especially for highly sensitive people (HSP). I read through a book and a questionaire about that and I thought "How does it come that they know me so well?". The questionaire was basically: Check, check, check... on almost all of the questions.

    One thing for me is too recognize it early enough. Often enough I just recognized it after the fact.

    What I used so far:
    • Overcoming Overwhelm paraliminal
    • Less regular eating, more super foods (always worked when this body felt stressed out)
    • Letting go on whatever it was that I thought caused the overwhelm.

    I now learned from grizzo to use letting go of want to change as well.

    Also there appears to me some need for acceptance. Often enough I have been in conflict with being highly sensitive. I have told myself that I may be just a wimp or that I am just making it up. I have been told that during my childhood for quite some times. Even after I started with Sedona I thought: Well I have just made this my identity. However as far as I am aware some scientists who research about HSP claim that some bodies just have more sensitive nervous systems. Yes, I am not this body, but in the situations of overwhelm I usually have not been aware of that. And also, I bet it is beneficial to accept this body as it is.

    So how about whatever it is, just accepting it when it I feel overwhelm and choosing to care lovingly for myself instead of beating me up for it? Welcoming it...

    And of course also releasing about putting too much on my plate in a more general sense than about foods. As I read it is typical for HSP people wanting to heal every being and everything and wanting to do this now.

    OTOH it sometimes appeared to me in hind-sight as if I was unconsciously planning trouble for myself and thus gathering all those circumstances around me so I can have something to release again.

    Any other ideas on releasing about it? What are your experiences with releasing about overwhelm? What worked for you?

    Also did someone of you use an action step release about what to release next regarding a certain topic? If so was it helpful for you? I sometimes felt confused on what to release next on and how to do it.

    Maybe this thread can become a helpful resource for anyone dealing with overwhelm. Here I at least see that I may not be the only one facing overwhelm from time to time and that it may not be all that personal. Ah, welcome wanting it to be personal is another good one, I bet.