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    Occasionally, right before sleep, a memory will pop into my, and there will be a flash of an emotional charge. This happened last night and there was a flash of strong emotion (embarrassment) I resolved to release it but there was nothing there. Even after recalling the memory and getting it as vivid as possible the emotion wouldn't show up. I released as best I could, was able to go to sleep and in the morning I couldn't recall the memory. Insights would be appreciated. While I'm writing this it comes to mind that when I have these little flashes of memory when I am in a more wakeful state, the emotion isn't is strong but it is less elusive and I am able to release it. Youinsightsts are appreciated. Thank you.

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    sounds like you are witnessing the memory and associated charge, then letting it all go in a split second.


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      Hi David T!

      It's certainly possible, as zannierose writes that something is releasing quickly as you fall asleep. Falling asleep is actually a release in and of itself. We have to let go of the day and our conscious thoughts to fall into sleep. Perhaps we are more susceptible to a release when we are falling asleep.

      Lester says that letting go is a choice. Your resolution to release supports that choice. You conveyed to the bodymind that letting go is good and in line with what your intentions are. This also supports a let go.

      Perhaps to thing to do is to let go of what you perceive as your ability to release. Letting go, when we are not attached to it looking, feeling, unfolding in any way that we expect it to, allows for the process to have even more impact.

      The other thing is that very subtle things, things that are "deeper" in the bodymind can feel very subtle and elusive. This very deep and subtle material can be more far reaching than the stuff we can easily grab hold of and that's another reason to let go of how letting go is supposed unfold for us.