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  • "Negative" Goal Release

    In releasing on a goal, wouldn't it also be beneficial to Release on the opposite of the goal, sort of like a Wholistic Release? Example: If your goal is "I allow myself to earn €10,000 per month." You can contribute to progress the release from " I allow" to "I have" then eventually "I am". Would that be enough or could you also release on the "Negative" side of that? Example: "I allow myself to be broke and earn €0 per month" Would that 'negative' goal Release be helpful as well? Would it be harmful? Or is it even necessary?

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    Hi Jacky!

    Yes! Absolutely! It's great to do that sort of thing because often we do have aversions to our goals and one way to let aversions go is to bring them up so that we can clear them out. I even go so far as to bring up the worst case scenario and release on that in order to clear out any internal obstacles to a goal.