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I do not need to die in order to not be a person?

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  • I do not need to die in order to not be a person?

    Listening through "It's not personal" of "Happiness and Joy" course, and the following question popped up as I heard through the dialog Hale had with a woman:

    "I do not need to die in order to not be a person?"

    "No" comes as an answer.

    This is stretching a lot for me cause I never experienced the not be personal stuff so deeply before.

    Can I still fulfill the goals this body-mind has even without being a person?

    "Yes" comes as an answer.

    During the dialog with the woman about the grief about the dog who died, I still cried about this body-mind loosing his mother body-mind even tough this happened such a long time ago.

    Did I do anything wrong?

    "No" comes as an answer.

    Did it just free up emotions that I resisted in order to not experience them?

    "Yes" comes as an answer.

    Will at some point this body-mind have cried enough about loosing his mother body-mind?

    "Yes" comes as an answer.

    And I am not wrong for it taking as long as it does?

    "Yes" comes as an answer.

    I do not even know whether I need something about all of this these hands of this body-mind just wrote, but if you have something that you bet could be helpful, please share.

    If anything there appears to be a need, a want of approval "that I am getting it about Sedona and Releasing and not doing it all wrong".

    Could I release wanting approval?

    Just for now?


    And what is a soul from the perspective of the Sedona Method? Or what is a soul anyway?

    Hale only talks about body-minds. But I do not remember him ever talking about a soul.

    Am I wanting to figure it out?


    Can I let go wanting to figure it out?


    I now continue to listen on the "It's not personal" recording. Maybe it is good to show up on the next monthly support call in case I can make it time-zone wise from Germany, as I missed ordering "Happiness and Joy" before the course completed.

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    Connected to this the following came up:

    As far as I am aware The Sedona Method teaches that I have all the approval I need.

    Yesterday I experienced a young child years old, crying as if the world would end. Approaching her father and holding his leg and then letting go as again, albeit unsure it seemed to me. The father went on with carrying something towards a door of a house.

    I felt the intensity of the situation and I bet it brought up memories of lack this body-mind had. I just thought strongly "hug her" as it was apparent to me that that was what the little girl needed. And eventually he did after he brought the stuff he carried into the house. She immediately stopped crying.

    But I am still not bringing this together.

    Am I wanting to figure this out?


    Could I let go to figure it out?


    If I have all the approval I need, how would that be true for a small child still dependant on care and feeding and love? Especially in the age where it has no sense of separation yet.

    I am sure TSM does not approve of not caring for children. So does TSM apply in the same way for children? And if not, what would be different.

    And can TSM really "heal" whatever left over lack a certain body-mind carries over from childhood?


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      There is the fear of loosing it all when continuing like this with TSM.

      Being a person with memories appears to be part of the human experience to me.

      Without a person and without memories, who would I be?


      Does live even make sense that way?

      Something between silence and "Yes".

      My mind apparently struggles bringing this all together.

      Maybe it can't.

      Can the human experience be without suffering?


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        Something is happening with this body-mind that is writing these lines.

        An unshakable sense of unity, of oneness, of connectedness.

        Then on the evening walk on entering a crosswalk: "Will the car driver even see me and stop if I am not there anyway?"

        Then an answer: Oneness looking through the eyes of the body-mind of the car driver sees oneness walking as a body-mind onto the crosswalk. Oneness by default loves oneness, so oneness will care and slow, if necessary stop the car so that oneness is loving kindness with itself. Even the car is oneness tough not aware of it.

        What is even going on here?

        I have the sense that the effect of a release comes in waves. Some immediately, some afterwards. And there is even more automatic releasing followed by a conscious release.


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          What if, just what if inhabiting a body-mind is a cool way to recognize myself and explore all that is?


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            Dear ananda99!

            Thank you so much fro sharing all of this!