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    Autopilot on... Flow...O..N?

    I'm a College student, and have been consciously releasing for some time. When attention is not so heavily needed, I can release relatively good. But when I start doing focused work, like reading specially, I start to get frustrated, because emotions come and I have to choose between releasing or reading, and if I keep reading, the frustration gets heavier until I cannot read anymore. If I make it through the frustration, I get into flow, but in the post-reading time, I'm totally on autopilot -which makes me feel, even more effective for some time-. Like prior to learning the method.

    It’s very hard because my work is basically, learning.

    Hale says that the second way of releasing is optimal while doing focused work. But, I really haven’t read any word of how to use welcoming while not giving it conscious attention.

    Anyone could tell me how they keep releasing while doing the thing that you love or do?
    Have you had the same experience, which, after flow you end up in auto-pilot?

    Thanks for sharing!!!
    Have a good day
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    Hi EarlyBird!

    I am not really sure what your question is. Perhaps you can write a little bit more about what is actually happening.

    If you feel frustrated you can welcome the frustration. Welcome the emotions. Notice what is actually happening when you feel emotions or frustration. Aren't they both sensations? Notice what is actually happening in any given moment. See if you can let the story fade to the background and just let the sensations of the emotions and the frustrations come up so that they can move on through. Can you welcome the sensations of the emotions?

    If this answer doesn't help then perhaps you can point to what is missing in the answer.