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    I just began using the Ultimate Freedom course, and have a couple of questions.

    For me making lists of attachments and aversions, likes and dislikes and releasing on those do not always work very well, because thoughts just don’t always pop up for me when I ask. This can be a bit stressful for me and cause me to blame myself for it not working well. Because of this the welcoming of feelings, holistic releasing and maybe the fifth way, that may be more feeling based seem to be a less stressful alternative to general releasing. However I know that taking feelings to the wants is hugely beneficial and I fear, that I might miss out, if I only use this occasionly. On the other hand, Hale has’nt used the first way of releasing on the three first videos of the Ultimate Freedom course, so maybe it is’nt that important.

    I feels like triple welcoming and holistic releasing can cover a lot of ground, but do I get to the wants in this way? And would this be enough if I really want to be free?

    Another question. When I listen to the course, I can spend maybe two hours listening, but during those two hours maybe only 30-40 minutes releasing with the group. It can in my busy mind feel like a waste of time, although I know I get good insights, that I could have been releasing three times as much in the two hours I spent listening. What is your take on this?

    All the best, Esben

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    Hi Esbenmad!

    You are NOT doing anything wrong if certain processes don't resonate for you right now. Do what ever works best for you. Use whatever processes you resonate with and get the most traction with right now because if you keep going you'll find that eventually you will resonate with other processes more fully later. See of you can allow your process to unfold the way it is. See if you can allow yourself to trust the wisdom on the unfoldment.

    Again, see if you can allow yourself to trust that the way the course is supporting your releasing process in the way that it is. As you listen to the course again and again, you'll notice that you hear more things, that you hear new things and that these new things support your process in new ways. IOWs, you are doing just fine.



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      Hi Delilah,

      Thank you so much for your answer! I will try to trust the process more and not judge myself and my process as much :-) That is a theme for me. Maybe I should release on it :-D

      Thank you once again!

      All the best, Esben