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let go of disapproval of others

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  • let go of disapproval of others

    I find myself in the habit of disapproval others, mostly subconsciously. I am wondering whether you have any insights on what is the best way to release dispproval of other people.


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    I recommend the clean-up process. Beginning of the day end of day clearing. It's available as a short recording on the product



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      Hi bodhimind!

      Welcome any disapproval that you have for others so that it can come up and release.

      Welcome any feelings of their disapproving of you so that it can come up and release.

      Welcome any feelings of disapproval for yourself so that it can come up and release.

      Take you time with this. It sometimes can take a bit of time for the disapproval to release fully. But every little bit you let go of will bring peace and love into your life.



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        hey bodhimind,
        (I deleted my post because there was some language in-adaptation there for me, and I also wanted to make myself clearer, and network delays and my w/c with them hahaha...
        so anyways here the repost it is)

        I mean, how do you know that you are doing this unconsciously?
        if you are really doing it unconsciously, you won't be noticing it. and of course you would be noticing the memory and collateral feelings and sensations pictures sounds afterwards, but not right at the moment you experienced it!
        so it's a memory and could be used for CD 2 , the process of letting go of a problem.

        meanwhile, also, I found for letting go of / release/ welcome/ the bodily sensations for this problem really helps.

        the mechanism to me is, the mind pulls up (or not) something in order for the letting go, and either one could resist it or let it go, and, resistance is not a bad thing! if it's bad, it's because the mind tags it, and it's normal.
        I personally found myself resisting my bodily sensations a lot (some pain here and there) and when I am trying to be open to it, it starts to dissolve and hence the feelings behind the resistance! it's marvelous!
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