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  • Advantages/disadvantages

    im doing adv/disadv to having a goal. now when i ask what is disadvantage to having that goal, my response is "its too difficult, its not worth bothering to get it" or something like that.

    my question is since it has nothing to do with my question of what is disadvantage to HAVING a goal, should i just let go of it anyway (control, approval etc.) ?

    it has more to do with getting the goal than it is to having it, i certainly cant ignore those beliefs that come up but are they part of this process or should i insist on disadvantages to literally just HAVING goal already achieved?

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    Hi JonJonJon!

    Whatever comes up when you ask any releasing question is the right answer. So if "its too difficult, its not worth bothering to get it" or something like that is what comes up then that is the answer to the disadv. question. TSM pulls up all sorts of thoughts, ideas, beliefs, programs that don't necessarily make sense to the logical mind. That is why TSM is so powerful. It goes deep into the subconscious mind effortlessly. So see if you can let go of wanting your releasing process to make sense or to follow a certain kind of logic. What's fascinating is that if you keep releasing your answers to the questions will start to make complete sense to you. You will be able to see quite clearly what the obstacles are to your having your goals.



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      thank you delilah you keep hustling around here after all these years everytime i come back you are helping someone, thanks!