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[youths]why.. did the girls I met are all so gentle and kind and so selfless.. [what]

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  • [youths]why.. did the girls I met are all so gentle and kind and so selfless.. [what]

    Hi, sorry for anyone who are viewing this thread, the thing I posted yesterday was really chaotic a thread of my mind going at the moment.
    I was in a kind of traumatic-frenzied-chaotic state, and I didn't even want to post this! and just want to write type like crazy and I was so unfunctioning until today I realized I misclicked on submit button.

    but it isn't just that ...

    I found myself to be unraveling my essence and the awareness is presenting itself...

    this thread helped tremendously with this process:
    Multiple current traumas

    quite an experience !

    here is the original text I posted:

    "I am inside of a huge sadness with grief.
    thet ve been saying that tears is what gives birth to lives..
    ii don't know I am allowing or not, I don't know I am in it or observing it, I just feel all those sadness.
    boring, the little bopping
    bawling of a boy I recycle 柏原崇 ‘s song, his only album. bawling out.

    unlike most of the

    its just the energy, the feeling to it, nothing lifted to say.

    he is not really balling out,
    sometimes and I could feel this song's meaning even if... I had never almost learned Japanese... [I faked once, and it makes me wonder how the mind works]

    the much same with me learning English.

    I felt so lost, I feel so much
    am I the screen?

    I hate, my threat is birnunhg there,
    ,my threat is burning with all the tears, and anger, shame,

    all the contraction.

    the flow always


    does it matters?

    I felt so much sadness, so much on it, som cut ....


    my body []carries som uh burden, my stomach, my chest before and my back

    I love, I feel the love the essence ,

    I could sit there really without
    [I should do something there]


    I felt lost,

    I feel lost,yet I remeber so mcuh connection
    I could also see so much connections, cyber connections, some connection over, cross the board.

    liulang ZHI 天涯

    I could feel so much on it, the contraction of sadness is bursting out!!
    bursting out,
    let them burst,

    I hope one day my anger could burn, too..

    such a lyric..

    who no point in reacting myself, it'/s point less.

    I ;ole npiuaconh
    白线 white line,,

    I am alos friad somuch, I sued , I used too much of mind,

    I need a huge break,

    I need a huge break.

    I need a huge break.

    hale said,

    so much a dream, so much a pride,

    try with u 母语

    t r y with it.

    get help."
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    Hi cyi!

    Welcome it all, let it all be here, open up inside and give it as much room as it needs so that it can come up and move on through. Just keep allowing it to do what it is doing, see if you can let go of any resistance to any of it, and also see if you can let go of wanting to figure it out. Open up inside like a flower opens to the sun. Like an eagle spreads its wings. It will release if you just keep opening and allowing...allowing is the same as noticing, observing, etc.