the feelings...

it could be deflated.

and afterwards the much more clearness would come, no matter how aggravate I was, no matter how much ashamed feeling I imposed on myself no matter what - ever reasons they are, no matter what time it occurred and no matter ...---- what..

IO realized why my liver area has some feelings to it is because the feelings I blown them too much!

yes I am rightful to feel all these after all that happened to me... traumas means a part of me was dead back then and in a sense it's really really a tragedy,
and I noticed it's only after I let go my pride and xxx I start to cry, weep and crying out. it is not a feeling, I wasn't holding on any at least while crying
and yes letting go worked a lot of way much better than feeding myself all those modalities beliefs instead,
not that I don't know..this
saying this I found not even my pride comes from my resistance to my mom,
I realized this insight why hale said about all theses new age beliefs, they are just , balms,
it does soothes but not it heals the wounds.
it doesn't heal!

what heals is the preens is ever-present, the live-fulness and beyond live fulness!

hahaha preens, I remember myself being called "crow" back in my junior high school.... I hold onto this kind of ashamed feeling for a long while cuz back then I absorbed too much a vibe from my family and I realized what those girls realluy means . there is still much a reaction feeling towards it, but I really had progressed much today!

I mean presence,

and well, one another huge gain there is letting go could tell me what it is to let go, but the innuendos, the complexity of the resistance that' is hidden really is not it covered much, and much of a professional or helpful assistance is required!!
this is something else I realized.

not sure if I am right on this one!