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Has anyone else else had something similar happen to them?

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  • DelilahCertifiedSMCoach
    Hi honestowl!

    I love this question because I have done a lot of releasing through music. I grew up listening to all sorts of music in various settings. And I found that each type of music and often specific pieces or songs stirred up all sort so things. I would play those pieces or songs and allow allow the thoughts and feelings and images and memories to come and explore what want was up and release on these things until I could listen to the music and just enjoy it without any connections to the past. It's not that I don't remember the past associations, I do. But there is no stickiness or hooks around any of it and I am fully the present when I listen to any of the "old" music and enjoy it much more fully now.

    Honestly I was surprised to discover how much of the past I was holding on to through the music. Some of it was nice but some of it was actually very much tied up in the wants. There was a lot of different kinds of pain stored in the music for me. Using the music as a catalyst for letting go was a very liberating process.


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  • Has anyone else else had something similar happen to them?

    I found after a bit of releasing I was listening to a song and than felt a nostalgia come over me. I than felt the urge to cry and spend around ten minutes just bawling my eyes out. It wasn't bad crying though it felt satisfying if that's make sense, like the same satisfaction that comes from laughing just I was crying. Not necessarily at anything just at the emotion.Afterwards I felt relaxed like after a good belly laugh.