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  • Severe illness help

    Hello there releasers. I could really use some help.

    I am 26 years old, and I have congestive heart failure after having an unexpected heart attack which wasn't diagnosed on time due to the ecg and bloods not showing anything when i turned up. Due to my age and the ecg, they sent me home with no further test and diagnosed with "anxiety/indigestion/costochondritis and the attack ran its full course leaving me with damage. I wish I could at least sue but unfortunately given my age there wasn't any malpractice.

    Anyway here I am, a couple of months later and I have a lot of thoughts that I need to bounce. For a while i was getting a little better but things recently started turning in the opposite direction and I'm in a dark place regarding my mortality.

    I really want to believe in the law of attraction and the idea that I can heal this despite it being "incurable" but I just don't know. Supposedly Lester healed his heart of damage but is that really true? Was he really diagnosed with heart failure? And it bothers me that Hale always sidesteps the law of attraction.. Lester made certain claims, and if he was not being truthful then what does that say about the method we're following? Sure it might help with inner peace, but Hale always pretends that Lester never said certain things like "anything impossible becomes immediately possible when fully released" and "hold in mind only what you want and that is all you will have". "Everyone is creating every day. We are not aware of it, because we just don’t look at it. We have demonstrated or created everything we have! Every thought, every single thought, materializes in the physical world. It's impossible to have a thought that will not materialize (except that we reverse it)."
    I guess I just wish Hale would take a stance, either agree or debunk it so I could at least have a little more faith in the process.

    In regards to death, I am also really hoping that what Lester says about the astral worlds and reincarnation is really true.. It seems to be a common new age belief but how would anyone know that without having died? Why believe that over the Christian heaven and hell or the atheists "nothingness". I'm terrifed of non-existence.
    And even more terrifying than that is thinking how devastated my family would be and even the idea that I'd witness it as a spirit.. I don't think they'd be able to cope with it, they're all so optimistic and not used to hardship the family would be destroyed for years. Just imagining them coming to my room to wake me is unfathomable.
    So what I'm saying is even if I could release and be at peace with my own death, I can't imagine ever being at peace with the thought of their reactions.

    Sorry to bring so much negativity into these forums I just had to get these thoughts off my chest. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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    hi there-there are many existential questions in your post. Death seems to be your advisor and brings with it an opportunity to open to Truth more deeply than many of your contemporaries. I understand the fear of non- existence that you mention, and can also understand that you are concerned about how your death could impact your family.
    There are no easy answers - we all face our physical mortality at some point.
    You ask for guidance....I wonder about a holistic release I allow myself to fear death as much as I do- I allow myself to accept death as best I can..just for now.


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      The Absolute Freedom course is an ideal one to do if you have concerns about existence. Who am I,



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        Thank you for the responses. Regarding the freedom course I don't really have money to spare, I'm not earning anything and my parents money is going towards medication. I'm a little confused why I didn't get more responses and guidance from people especially someone like Delilah who I read had her own issues with health but c'est la vie.


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          Hi rm 1234. Check your in-box. :-)


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            Hi rm1234!

            Before we focus on releasing it's necessary to explain that TSM doesn't claim to diagnose, treat, or cure anything medical or psychological.

            TSM is an internal process and it parallels the LOA in that when we clear out the internal controversies and ambivalences and ideas and beliefs we are in flow and find that our lives are affected in positive ways by doing this.

            One of the things that Lester says is that we shouldn't believe anything he says but take it for checking. I think that is one of the most important things that he says because it steers folks away from having blind faith and to actually look at their real results.

            -So, let's release...

            Check and see if you are hoping to have a certain kind of experience or outcome from releasing?

            Welcome your answer.

            If yes, could you let that go? (The question is could you let go of wanting the experience, it's not could you let go of having the experience.)

            -One of the things you are exploring it your mortality. Let's release on that.

            Could you welcome wanting to live as much as you do?

            Could you resist dying as much as you do?

            Go back and forth and just answer each question as honestly as possible until you feel more peaceful and spacious inside.

            And do the opposite side of those polarities.

            Could you welcome dying as much as best you can?

            Could you resist living as much as you do?


            Can you welcome all the thoughts, feelings, sensations that come up around non-existence?

            And then check and see what want comes up with non-existence comes into awareness.

            Welcome the want.

            Could you let that want go?

            Repeat this until you feel more peaceful and spacious inside.

            -Being a body

            Check and see what comes up when you think about being a body with an incurable label.

            Welcome the thoughts, feelings, images, sensations etc that come up when the incurable label comes up.

            What want is stirred up.

            Welcome the want.

            Could you let that go?

            Could you let go of wanting to be a body with an incurable label?

            Welcome your answer.

            Could you let go of wanting to be a body?

            Welcome your answer.

            Repeat this until you feel more peaceful and spacious inside.

            Let us know how your process unfolds and feel free to come back as much as you want with any questions!

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