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Feeling tremendous gratitude wanted to share.

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  • Feeling tremendous gratitude wanted to share.

    Hi! Over the last two weeks after a long period of around a month were releasing wasn't working for me after working before it finally clicked once again. Being in high school the majority of my wants at this point in time are centred on approval. Just today I had a situation in my life where I asked a girl out and was rejected. I felt a really bad loneliness like people normally have, but than I asked if I could sit with it. This was painful for about ten minted but eventually I stopped noticing the feeling as much though it was still strong. I went of to a class and when I come back the thought dawned on me 'wow the wanting to be in a relationship with this person is pretty much gone'. Now after doing that it's like I have a huge detachment from needing approval, first from this girl and now from everyone. Where I would normally be worried what people think I now feel an optimism at the prospect of being able to be myself, and also feel an underlying love I still have releasing to go on approval (even in posting this I noticed an aspect of wanting approval for having a gain) but it feels amazing so far and I just feel intense grattitude towards everyone in this forum I'm excited to put this method into effect with other goals like creating my dream job as I leave high school.