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Hesitation about moving towards peace.

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  • Hesitation about moving towards peace.

    As I approach around a year since I first started releasing I am moving into higher and higher states. At first most of my time was spent in apathy, than up to lust and from about two weeks ago after my second Sedona breakthrough I now spend most of my time in pride. I've had glimpses of abundance and courageousness as well. The question I have is as I naturally move up in states abundance or courageousness seems more appealing to me than peace. Words for peace in the book were things like calm etc this sounds less fun to me than being in courageousness and feeling good and extremely optimistic with all the things you think you can achieve like I've been feeling when I'm in abundance or courageousness.

    Is peace a more enjoyable state than courageousness or abundance?

    Also is there a way to choose between staying in abundance rather than moving to peace or do I have to accept I may lose the egoic desires that come with courageousness as I enter total acceptance?

    I know it's probably healthier for me to be in peace accepting everything but I just love the feeling of courageousness where I feel like I can have anything and feel at the same time so fulfilled I don't care whether I actually get it so much to be lacking.

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    Also is there a way to choose between staying in abundance rather than moving to peace
    What if it's not either or? What if peace includes abundance? Could you let go of wanting one or the other? Could you allow yourself to have both?



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      Hi honestowl!

      Peace is considered the highest state and includes "courageousness, feeling good and extremely optimistic, achievement, abundance and courageousness." As Alex writes, it's not a trade off.