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Feeling More Joy But Also Feeling More Depressed

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  • Feeling More Joy But Also Feeling More Depressed

    I've been releasing for a while and think it's the most amazing tool I've ever encountered.

    That being said, I'm still at times taken by moments of deep sorrow. I can't really explain it, life is good, I'm a lucky person all things considered but then I'll focus on something I can't accomplish or reach and quickly spiral down into a cycle of feeling depressed, lonely, like I've failed life and won't ever find a solution.

    I don't know if I just need to keep on releasing in general and that will dissipate or come less often. Or maybe that's part of life and it's ok as it is.

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    Hi justinme!

    Several things:

    Keep releasing because you will find that this will keep you moving forward emotionally and also forward with your goals.

    Emotions are like the weather. They come and they go. Releasing helps with the emotional ups and downs because we don't have to get stuck with a feeling. But it's also important to understand that releasing helps us to let go of feelings that have been suppressed for years and sometimes decades. And it's also important to know that life is dynamic and things can make us sad or depressed. If we don't identify with a feeling it will release more quickly.

    Also, never give up on your goals. Keep releasing because goals that we might have not accomplished for a while can breakthrough at a much later time that we link how our goals are going with our self worth.
    Likewise, goals AKA accomplishments have nothing to do with our self worth.

    Keep releasing because there is nothing that can keep us moving forward like releasing.