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he sedona treatment ?

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  • he sedona treatment ?

    I like thse ideas but how do I give them the sedona treatment to make htem useful as presumbly you have to rele3ase any good feeling from them and find the opposite ?

    Could I Allow Myself To Have An Easy Effortless Day

    Could I allow myself to have complete security

    Could I allow myself to be a very wealthy woman

    Could I allow myself to have £20 million pounds & all my loans repaid

    Could I allow myself to be a totally healthy, happy , successful woman every day of my life

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    Hi Angelab!

    Change them from questions into statements.

    Ex: I now allow myself to Have An Easy Effortless Day.

    I now allow myself to to have complete security.

    Etc., etc., etc.



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      Yes Thank you but how do
      i release from them to remove the charge And make them effective


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        donyou then reducevto I am and I have before you can release


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          Hi Angelab!

          The way to work with goal statements is laid out step by step in The Sedona Method book and in the workbook.



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            ok yes thyank you


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              Yes I am following the instruction but my goal does not fit this
              am free now of all property matters i
              have 20£ million pounds and all my loans repaid I am a very wealthy woman
              it is a mixture of courageous ness and the other two as free of property matters and all my
              loans repaid And wealthy is all part of getting the money back so I don’t know how to separate them and Loans repaid wealthy and free of property matters have enormous emotion attached the money is the release
              i am confused here as how to proceed


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                Hi Agnelab!
                When releasing on goal statements we work with the "wants". Which want is stirred up when you read your goal to yourself? Welcome that want and then see if you can let it go. If not , welcome the "no" and keep repeating process until you feel "hootless". Courageousness is feeling that can result in releasing on your goal and so is acceptance and peace and are some of the ways you are hootless. In other words keep going until the wants are no longer uncomfortable and you have a feeling/sense that it will all work out. Again, the goals process is spelled out step by step in both the book and the workbook. Have a look at both chapter 7 and chapter 8 in the book and go from there.

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