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Problems with My Mom

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  • Problems with My Mom

    I have been having problems with my mom. I want to try working again, and she doesn’t want me to. In part, because I have social anxiety around people. So, I’m at home, bored. Can someone please help me with this? Thank you.

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    hi Lisa- do you have the Sedona Method book? If so, have you got a goal around this that you could share with us?


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      Hi Lisa2712!

      Have you used the clean up procedure with your mom? If you haven't, you can find that in The Sedona Method book and in the workbook that comes with the Supercourse. I recommend that you explore those processes and see how that works for you.



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        Yes, I have the Sedona Method book. I haven't read it in years though. I haven't tried practicing the Sedona Method in years. I just listen to some Hale Dwoskin videos on For the past year, I have been interested in "non-duality" which talks about many of the same things that Hale Dwoskin talks about on his Youtube videos. I hope I can "Awaken" or get "Enlightened" in my lifetime.

        I haven't used the clean up procedure with my mom, because I haven't practiced the Sedona Method in many years, but I do have the Sedona Method book. I can't afford to take the workshops or the Supercourse.
        Thank You for Your Help, Delilah and Zannierose! Have a good day!