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Constant tension (resulting in massive digestion issues)

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  • Constant tension (resulting in massive digestion issues)

    Hello dear fellow practitioners,
    I have been having stomach, gut and digestion issues for years.
    Recently I realised, that i have an enormous stress related tension in my gut heart, solar plexus and gut area.
    In other words, because I had been in constant fight or flight, I d never digest properly so even small to normal amounts of food would lead to a feeling of being overeaten... in some worst case scenarios, it would lead to falling sick or puking. Luckily, mostly I would just feel horribly full.

    After going from doctor to doctor and not being diagnosed properly, I saw that is a stress issue.
    Especially since sometimes it does work properly and doesnt cause issues.

    I am now releasing on the following topics:
    - Welcoming and releasing the tension in the gut area
    - Welcoming and releasing my resistance to above
    - Welcoming and releasing my fear of not being able to digest properly again
    - Welcoming and releasing the tension in the whole body
    - Welcoming and releasing the want to control my body digestion processes

    I feel like it is helping, but cant say much since I only started 2 days ago.
    Do you have any ideas / insights on how to further this practice?
    In the future, I want to release on this at least 5-10 min every day.
    Do you think it could lead to sustainable success? I am a bit afraid I ll get always stressed again and then have to release the tension again always.

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    Hi Svencoach!

    Sounds like you are doing a good job!

    Good that you're consulting medical professionals about this because TSM doesn't claim to diagnose, treat or cure any medical/physical conditions.

    Releasing 5 to 10 minutes a day is helpful because any releasing is helpful! Your question about sustainable success is impossible to answer. There is a high likelihood that you will get stressed again because life can be stressful. You are more likely to get stressed again if you are afraid that you will get stressed again. You can always release if you find yourself stressing out about anything so there is no reason to be afraid of stress. It's true that releasing regularly does help to alleviate a stress response overtime because the bodymind learns releasing is available as a response. You will have to find out for yourself if releasing 5 to 10 minutes a day is enough to help your bodymind release instead of presenting a stress response.

    I recommend that you release on your thoughts and feelings about stress. And it would be useful to release on wanting to control your experience, specifically on wanting to avoid feeling stress.

    Please keep us posted on how your process unfolds.