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How to open up to abundance when in debt?

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  • How to open up to abundance when in debt?

    Hello everyone,

    I find it difficult to welcome the abundance or that I have and I'm enough because I'm currently in debt and experience scarcity and needing money daily. Any advice to get in touch with the have enough/are enough?

    Thank you,

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    do you take some time every day to notice where you already have abundance in your life?


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      For example?


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        Hoping you've resolved your debt and are utterly thriving by now. I thought I'd write my comment, just for fun, to help anybody in a similar situation.

        Is there an abundance of gravity keeping you from flying off into space?

        How about eyes - do you have enough eyes?

        Would you like another nose or are you good with one for the next several years?

        Would you say there's an abundance of sand in the desert? Of dirt in the ground?

        How about scarcity? Do you have enough scarcity, or would you like more?

        You can draw from your experience of abundance, from the sense of enough, or even of too much, distill it, and use it to create the experience you'd rather have.

        By distilling it, I mean letting yourself experience it right now free of labels or concepts. Have you done that in the deep dive, or holistic releasing, or free way?

        For instance, can you use the experience of having too much debt to imagine having too much money?

        Could there be times when they actually feel the same?

        And how about distilling the experience of having enough air to breathe to having enough money?

        Are the two experiences so very different? Notice, please, explore.

        Playing around with these experiments can loosen our perceptions and help us notice opportunities we hadn't recognized.


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          Love your comments here FlowZone!