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Fear of being verbally attacked / wanting approval & control

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  • Fear of being verbally attacked / wanting approval & control

    Hi there!

    Something that came up around the holiday period is a fear of being attacked for speaking up for myself when i'm angry or feel like someone is trying to control me. How do I release on this?

    I've noticed when I release on wants that the want of approval comes up more than others - should I work on this directly and what would be the best way to do so?

    And finally, I've noticed a strong urge to criticise my partner or change his actions to what I see as best particularly when it comes to parenting or being a bit more productive around home - how would I best release on this?


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    Hi melm1111!

    Welcome the feeling of fear of and/or being controlled fully.
    Take your time.
    And then, even though this may seem counter-intuitive, welcome any feeling of wanting to be attacked and/or controlled.
    Again take your time so that you can then check and see if you can let go of wanting to be attacked and/or controlled.

    Yes, definitely release on wanting approval directly.
    Do you have The Sedona Method book? The book explains how to release on the wants.

    Also in TSM book you'll find something called the "clean up" process.
    Explore this dynamic with your partner using the clean up process.

    Remember that releasing is an internal process. Releasing doesn't mean we become doormats and allow people to attack us.
    The genius of the questions and processes is that they are able to uncover and dissolve thoughts and feelings that are below our conscious awareness and that are often at odds with what appears in the conscious mind. If a set of questions doesn't resonate, feel free to explore a topic or an issue using another one. For example, wanting approval may be more resonant than the first process I shared with you, and if so, then go with that until you feel lighter and more relaxed around wanting approval.



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      Thank you Delilah


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        You're welcome melm1111!