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How do I post a photo?

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  • How do I post a photo?

    I've been trying to post a photo for a while but cant seem to work it out, any suggestions?

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    Hi, Azure,

    Click on 'Settings' at the top of the page. Then in the 'My Settings' pane on the left side of the page, click on 'Edit Avatar'. Options for adding a photo will appear on the right, letting you upload a photo. You can repeat the process using the 'Edit Profile Picture' option in 'My Settings'.

    Hope this helps.

    Susan Seifert
    Certified Sedona Method Coach
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      i also tried to post a pic of mine and did it quite successfully with the help of coach susan's post.However the picture size that the forum supports is just 18 kb.Ever seen a pic with 18 kb.Lolz! . I think you need to know some photoshop to post a picture or satisy yourself with an icon picture.I wonder how the members of the community have got their picture posted as certainly their picture can never be less than 18 kb with so many colors in it.Everyone a photoshop addict, can't believe adobe's marketing either.

      Anyone for suggestions.


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        I will see what can be done to improve this..


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          Thanks, azureinwonderland for asking and Susan for answering, how to post a photo.

          As you can see I'm happy to say that it worked!


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            For me it worked also. Didn't have any problem at all
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              Tree Huggers Unite!

              It's nice to see, Minja, that you are hugging a tree!
              Trees need hugs too.


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                In my opinion if you have to meet someone on on line and actually date with some short of personal interaction a photo is compulsory to communicate with other person.


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                  profile photos you can go to your profile, and the image click Change Photo / upload pic click on "Choose File" and open only where the image is saved.
                  add a picture in general, just go to your profile again, and at the top left under the profile pic should be a tab called "Photos", click it and go to the upper right corner and click "Upload Photos +" and "select photos", and so select the photo. Hope this helps!


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                    Hi, Bevis,
                    Sorry, I don't know. The webmaster keeps changing how things are done. I suggest you contact the help desk.
                    Susan Seifert
                    Certified Sedona Method Coach
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