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    Hi! My name is Joanne and I just watched the movie. It was a bonus for buying Marci Shimoff's book Love for No Reason. There are all sorts of goodies, if you're interested go to her website. And I came to that through The Passion Test program I'm doing. I love having all these tools and I look forward to releasing and letting go with the Sedona method!

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    Hi Joanne,

    Welcome to the TSM community website!



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      I am very new to all of this... Just got done watching the Letting Go movie. Seems like a very simple system. Welcoming what is or releasing your tention to what is. Is the goal to get to the place where you want for nothing and there is really no where to go? I have felt that a few times recently, and to be quite honest its kindof confusing. Is that what the Sedona method is all about, getting to that point? I was referred here by Bill Harris from Holosync (started that 2 weeks ago) and have already seen things "just happen" that benefit me, my family, my business and community. This is happening very quickly! Will the Sedona method help these benefits increase? Looking forward to my full Sedona Method Course in the mail. I will work on releasing any resistance to the moment and see where this takes me... any advice would be great.


      "Seek Within"


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        hi oscar

        just coming back from a movie party that coach claire and I organised in Amsterdam! It is wonderful to see that this movie makes lots of people start the releasing process. Your question is what the sedona method is all about but ofcourse the sedona method has a different meaning for all of us........Usually it creates space and relief for many people, others use it to focus more on goals, finding that releasing the negative emotions that come up while focussing on the goal sometimes even makes them letting go of the goal alltogether. When the wants are released the tension stops and the goal might not be a goal any longer.
        And also sometimes the goal falls in your lap because you have released all the contrary feelings about it! You have become hootless in a way!!
        Anyway, welcome here on the community site, it's a place for sharing and questions and gains etc.
        Happy releasing,