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Relaxation before bed time

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  • Relaxation before bed time

    I am looking for relaxation techniques that can be applied while lying down,
    before going to sleep, and do not require audio recordings.
    Any ideas?


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    Give yourself approval and/or let go of dissaproving yourself. That usually knocks me down quickly



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      Hi Corey, I do some self hypnosis before I get to sleep just a progressive relaxation of my body and then in a relaxed state just do some positive talk, thanks for the day ie food water, shelter, basic stuff to appreciate then a prayer and that seems to allow me to drift off. Also just putting a hand over my solar plexus helps as energy from your palms is relaxing especially there... usually a place of tension. Else imagine yourself in a relaxing place you've been to before as you lie down and close your eyes....let yourself drift off in this scene as you deserve restful sleep. So could you allow yourself from now on as best you can to have restful sleep?


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        Originally posted by HairLossAnswers View Post
        I am looking for relaxation techniques that can be applied while lying down,
        before going to sleep, and do not require audio recordings.
        Any ideas?

        Hi Corey,

        I have found this simple releasing process conducive to a restful night's sleep.

        Cleaning up your day:

        Simply welcome all that happened during the day, as well as any wanting to change, fix, or resistance to what was, including any wanting to hold it close (replaying/reliving it) or push it away (push it out of mind).

        You'll notice tension and sensations start to dissolve as you open and relax inside. Then welcome any sense that any of that was personal, about you, or who you are. Any sense of taking it personally - any sense of "me" or "mine".

        Welcome too that which is beyond all of that, the spaciousness, expansiveness or awareness that is actually here now. Notice or explore that which is already at rest.

        Could you allow what was to be, as best as you can?

        Going through this process a few times will allow you to naturally unwind before going to sleep.

        Sweet dreams!

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          Originally posted by HairLossAnswers View Post
          I am looking for relaxation techniques that can be applied while lying down,
          before going to sleep, and do not require audio recordings.
          Any ideas?



          This is one of the finest forms of relaxation and I will share it with you. It has nothing to do with releasing and it probably seems unconventional but its results are extremely promising. It is basically, to place an icepack on your head and forehead and remain there for thirty minutes to an hour or so. I have found it to have incredible results of varying degrees. On one hand, if you feel a headache or moody it will clear the air and bring about a sense of awakening to your conscience. You will feel as though you have just woken up and feel entirely refreshed. On the other hand, I have found that with the ice pack resting on my head and freezing my scalp I can turn myself to releasing and going deep feeling soo comfortable. When you sense yourself feeling about to sleep, simply place the pack elsewhere and put yourself to sleep.

          It is a no-nonsense approach. My uncle who is a medical doctor adviced myself to put this to practice. Truth be told, I have totally abandonded the habit of taking aspirins and ocassionally refrain from taking sleeping pills.


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            Some people say you should not exercise before bedtime. Exercise can keep some people awake, but if you're not one of those people then exercise may be helpful in relaxing before bedtime. I've always found that exercise relaxes me all day. So if I exercise in the morning is actually going to be very relaxed, and could even take a nap, a couple of hours after my workout.


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              If you have a hard time getting to sleep at night, incorporating yoga into your life can help, especially, if your insomnia is stress-related. Before going to bed, you can do a few gentle stretches to relieve tension and help you relax. Three-part breath is very helpful for clearing the mind of the day's clutter. Use this simple exercise to prepare your body for sleep.


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                Thanks for the above posts..especially the one posted by Annie

                Heres another suggestion....
                Hows about taking a soak in the bath tub....
                Place plenty of bubble bath, and allow for heaps of suds...
                When in the tub amongst all the suds ...then play emu puppets with the suds...
                Could even have a puppet show with either hand filled on top with the suds talking to the other hand about sedona method releases, emu hand puppet releasing partners from the bubble bath suds.... to come on back to that natural relaxed inner peaceful state...
                and just plane fun....!!

                Spa bathtubs may create even more suds....oh what fun,.... as well as noticing the peacefulness after all the laughter subsides.... !!!

                Sweet soap suds and 'emu sedona method releasing' dreams... all....!!! heh heh


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                  Here are some helpful relaxation techniques:

                  Toe tensing - It may sound a bit odd, but by alternately tensing and then relaxing your toes you draw tension away from the rest of your body. Here’s how:

                  1. Lie on your back with your eyes closed
                  2. Concentrate on your toes then pull all 10 toes back toward your face
                  3. Count to 10 slowly
                  4. Relax your toes for a count of 10
                  5. Repeat the cycle 10 times

                  Deep breathing - is similar to progressive relaxation and it is another great way to relax your body and get everything into synchronicity.

                  1. Lie on your back.
                  2. Relax your body slowly, using the progressive relaxation technique.
                  3. Inhale slowly through your nose if possible. Fill the lower part of your chest first, then the middle and top part of your chest and lungs. Be sure to do this slowly, over 8 to 10 seconds.
                  4. Hold your breath for a second or two.
                  5. Quietly and easily relax and let the air out.
                  6. Wait a few seconds and repeat this cycle.
                  7. If you’re getting dizzy, you’re breathing too quickly, slow down.
                  8. It might be helpful to imagine yourself in a peaceful situation – somewhere that relaxes you – a beach, a dark, quiet room, etc.
                  9. Continue this breathing technique for as long as you like until you fall asleep.

                  Guided Imagery - is a technique in which you spend the time imagining yourself in a peaceful setting.

                  1. Begin by lying on your back with your eyes closed.
                  2. Visualize yourself in a favorite, peaceful place. The place may be on a beach with the waves lapping against the shore, relaxing in a hammock in your own backyard, or in a garden surrounded by birds and flowers.
                  3. See and feel your surroundings, concentrate on the peaceful sounds, smell the flowers, feel the warmth of the sun and any other sensations that you find. Relax and enjoy it.
                  4. If you return to this place each night as you’re falling asleep it will be easier to fall asleep to this image.
                  5. If visualizing peaceful place simply doesn’t work for you, try to think of something boring, a teacher, co-worker, a movie, a book.


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                    I do the triple welcoming on all the things that has happened during the day that I have feelings about. I usually never get to release all of it, because I fall a sleep before being finished


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                      Yer and Devi is a great, triple welcomer buddy too......!!!
                      Thanks kindly again


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                        Thanks for sharing nice tips about the topic. But I think, everyone do not want to stuff to ambiguous
                        Don't leave bes immediately. Stay on the bed, rub your eyes easily and try to yawn.
                        That's just enough.


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                          Nice information...
                          all are member post very nice and great information.
                          after read this forum i get huge and extra knowledge...
                          thanks to all.
                          keep it up!!!