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  • Hey ! Peace Baby !!


    This photo was taken of the sky and clouds while on the ferry into the city of Sydney. Click on the above link.

    Enjoy !! (
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    This is what the photo could be about....
    just stop for a second , to look a little closer...sometimes does nature teach?...nature on the outside and nature within....
    can you notice the peace symbol of 2 fingers formed by one lot of clouds, resting in and on another lot of clouds.....(kind of like an advanced 'Where's Walley' book....yet no relation ha ha!!!)
    in the background always is the blue sky/sun....likened to that presence of awareness that is always there in humans which feelings move in, on and through, with feelings sometimes being released in layers... revealed, one after the other when letting go....

    The clouds are similar to those clouds of emotions within humans once they are let go.....that changeless background that is aware yet unaffected (sun/sky) heart/presence of awareness(beingness, "isness", spaciousness) reveals itself...very clearly

    Could nature be teaching...being aware of the apparent higher emotions for peace over earth and coming from those as best we can and even more so when the simple and effectiveness of the method is applied for releasing.
    Notice that clouds will dissolve...all emotions can dissolve both good and not so good...leaving that clear reason, "unblockedness" human heart of awareness...sun/sky that shines through warmly ...suggesting a sense beyond 'peace/love/' a sense that does not need words to be, non descript, yet always there...if it is beyond peace/love perhaps it serves as a higher freedom than those high emotions still......!!!

    Now, if a non descript sense reveals itself from fully releasing...then it must be important for each and every one to delve deep within to experience that sense and know that truth of what is... from their own experince or human beingness...

    So that is what this could be about.........!!!

    Thanks for the gentle is a sample of "hey peace, baby" over Sydney tonight.....
    I ventured into the city as there was supposed to be a new park area opened in the centre of Darling Harbour...sure enough..there was a beautifully landscaped new park which had slow moving graphic shadow formations over streams and interesting 'hands on tools' to help with the flow of water...perhaps the flow of was very meditative...when taken the time to just stop and observe at a deeper level ..or not......beautiful fun fountains with changing lights that some delighted in providing a couple of pranks that could have been deemed not very funny , even rude....yet, when apporached from fearlessness it was almost 'oops, sprung' and the pranks were stopped without even asking..before applying SM, anger would have been there which was for a split second, yet, gone at the same time.....(thank you SM, peace within) fact the young men were very friendly and polite when approached.
    A sense of sereneity when being served in the newly built shops seemed to prevail by those who were serving and being served ...serene energy....
    The most joyous section was seeing 5 small children giggle to their hearts content from all sitting huddled together on a big round shaped swing being moved by parents who were laughing as much, as all those around. When the laughter subsided, they were free to yell some words which to me meant nothing but more fun...eventually the words dropped and they seemed to swing in peace. I noted this as quite lovely all round, after viewing footage last night from the new movie titled "Thrive-what will it take" trailer at ....just one quick snippet showed a soldier carrying a small innocent child in his arms who had been wounded at the head.......Now, that can stop, and need not be, ever.....and this evening is evidence of "hey, peace baby"...there is a way children, teens, adults can live with joy and laughter...SM is just one way that can bring that forth even more so, it is already with in...thats where the laughter came from in the park....
    Thank you for the times there is a need to just step back and note that peacefulness within and to the writer just noted, right here, right now

    Thank you for asking and ....enjoy :-)


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      Thank you Jannkahon..your question was very helpful "What was that about?" for getting the message out...
      theres all sorts of gains from the method...particularly around revealing that deeper awareness, changeless background even more from within...a sense of what appears to be heightened awareness, clear, a 'free' mindedness...and really beyond mind's thinking......serene and joyous 'sense' to come from and be living life....effortless relationships....instinctively knowing, aware, yet unaffected and free/clear to 'be' resonating to that which is that human 'being' or beingness.
      Learning how to let go again quicker and deeper when necessary, and use that natural ability already within, is advantageous to have for life. As Hale has said ..we have that natural ability when born, to let go/release, yet as adults it gets trained out.
      Happy releasing and 'being' and thanks


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        Done ((((((((((((((((((-: :-)))))))))))))))))))


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          what's a great.