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  • Releasing exercise questions

    Hello everyone. I'm going over the releasing exercise questions and I'm not sure what I need to be doing here. Here is the first series of questions:

    1. What did __________ find attractive/repulsive about sex, food and money?
    2. Could you welcome that attraction/repulsion?
    3. Could you welcome any and all wanting associated with that attraction/repulsion?
    4. Could you let go of that attraction/repulsion?
    5. Could you allow yourself to welcome any sense that it is personal?
    6. Could you rest as that which is beyond all attraction/repulsion?
    7. What is that which is beyond all attraction/repulsion?

    So I fill in my name at the blank and remember three things that I found attractive and repulsive about them. But as I go through the rest of the questions, am I supposed to be building up for a final release of these things? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks! Keif

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    Hi Keif. All the questions in the exercise are meant for letting go. Even the first question, though it is meant to bring up attraction/repulsion to awareness, the very act of bring up the stuff itself facilitates releasing. Welcoming and letting go are one and the same. When you welcome a thought/feeling/belief/want, you bring it to awareness, which helps you to let go of them. So, pose each question to yourself and see what come to your awareness. Whatever comes to awareness, welcome it, and just watch what happens.
    What, in this moment, is lacking?


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      Best ever post, I could find on the topic. Very nice. There is a little issue but I think it
      must be discussed with some friend.
      I'll share it later.


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        i also share these issues with my friends..
        and they told me that these question have some technical and deeply answer,,
        so i will post my answer later....