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2012 - The end!

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  • 2012 - The end!

    2012 - The end? or not?

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    Hi, Sropajan

    I don't believe in it, but well, who knows? It may happen, or not.

    The other day I saw a moment of a National Geographic series about "doomsday preppers" in the US. It reminded me of the movie "Blast from the past". I just wondered why, in the documentary, those people thought they needed so many weapons.

    But your "question" is somehow interesting. It made me ask myself - for the first time - what I would do if I believed in the end. It would make me "hootless" in a way. I wouldn't worry or care anymore whether I get/have/am .... or not. I would just spend my last cent on an airline ticket and go see my family in my home country (which I don't do now because if I did I wouldn't have any money left) and enjoy every moment of every single day that's left.

    I'll definitely give this some more thought, and release on it. There is still time .... ;-)