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  • DelilahCertifiedSMCoach
    Hi Mentalius!

    There is no right or one way to release. You can go with your first response and release on that and if you still feel a charge you can go deeper. You can always go deeper. Could you let go of any ideas of how you are supposed to answer? There are no right or wrong answers. Just answer honestly and you'll have a great release. And could you let go of wanting to figure out how to release or how to do it right as best you can? Just keep playing around with the questions and see what works in the moment.


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    started a topic Adv./Av....


    Hi, first post - apart from introducing myself elsewhere.

    Question: I did som Adv./Av. on money the other day. Followed along a recording.

    On the question: What is the advantage of having money - I immediately wanted to say freedom (and the next question - joy)
    However...that´s not what I´m "supposed" to answer! So, I tried to go behind freedom and ask, would that be w/s - a - c?
    It didn´t feel right, kinda like I pushed it beyond my initial response.

    Any thoughts or comment on this?

    ...oh, and while I´m at it: I seem to remember that Hale stated in the book, to do 9 sets of Adv./Av. - which to me again seems pushing beyond what - to me - feels natural. I get (and experience) that stretching reveals more layers, however going for a set number is a bit to controlling to my tastes.

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