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  • The sense of me

    Hi guys.
    I have been doing "what am i and if im more than that, what am i."
    One thing i have noticed is that when i test My comfortzone, fear or something Else often comes up, followed by that the sense of me intensifies.
    Have anybody in here experienced the same?

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    Hi Henrico,
    I too have experienced some uneasiness while releasing. I'm going thru the super course and spent like 3 days on CD8. I didn't want to get bogged down, so I'm continuing to move forward and plan on coming back to the trouble spots after I finish the course.

    Like a common practice I see talked about here, I too have spent a lifetime suppressing feelings. I have had some gains on a couple different subjects, and it's been enough to give me a glimmer of what I've been doing to myself over the years. One thing I'm getting over fast, is not fearing the thoughts that are coming up, even when they are dark or not the kind of thoughts you'd be proud to have. Realizing that I am not my feelings is one gain I've made. I'm making good progress on not suppressing my thoughts/feelings any longer, and by doing that I find that I gone done several rabbit holes getting deeper and deeper toward the origin of the thought. I think I'm chasing down the the belief that the thoughts come from. I've had a glimpse that from this might come a point of true clarity about myself, and I can cut thru the bs we tell ourselves so we feel better.
    I see making myself uncomfortable as a good thing and as progress, but I admit when I peeled back the layers of one particular lie the first time, I pretty much freaked out. I ripped the headphones off, had to go for a walk and went thru the base releasing questions over and over to get the discomfort I was feeling. It took at least a couple hours to calm back down. I was able to listen again and go thru the exercise later that night, but I could feel the anxiety about it and reworded some of the questions I was asking myself, so as not to have such a deep effect. I know this topic still needs more attention, but like I said for now I'm moving on with the program. I think it is inevitable and totally normal to have these kinds of reactions when we challenge our beliefs, false as they may be.


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      Hi Henrico!

      What you are describing is not unusual. The thing to remember is that releasing is an internal process. It is all about letting go of internal controversies and doesn't require that you do or not do any particular thing. You might do something you were afraid to do previously and if you do you'll do it with more ease and confidence and be more effective. But nothing on the outside needs to change in order to get the most out of releasing. The worst thing that will happen is that you'll be more at peace. So what I'm getting at here is that everything that comes up when you are answering these questions is coming up to be released. Don't worry about the feeling of "me" intensifying. Just welcome that, just allow the intense feeling to be here as best you can. Sometimes when things feel really intense we can just let a teeny tiny drop of the intense feeling up and then see what that's like. If it feels OK then let another teeny tiny drop up and check again to see if that's OK. We can go at a pace that feels safe and manageable.

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        Hi Bomber!

        Great share! Thanks for posting it.

        We can tip toe towards any releasing process that stirs a lot of things up or brings up intense feelings. We don't have to blast our way through. Also, remember that we should answer the questions honestly, not the way we want to or the way we think we should. So if we get a "no" to a releasing question just allow that to be the answer. That will allow our process to go along at a pace that feels safe and manageable.



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          Thanks for all the replies

          I have been releasing for a While and Im Sharing This as an extremely easy and effective way to keep letting go of the me that has worked for me.