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Forum versus Blog ??

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    Hi Zannierose,

    no, I belief it's open for everybody who wants to write a blog....maybe Ben can shed his light on this?

    And another option: on the left, below your profile is a 'blog this post' button. You could use this for your own posting.

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      Claire..think I will just let it go!!!
      there isnt a blog this post button under my profile either


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        To a blog ,we ar the drivers of the blog! yes, anytime here be only one author, anh any time there may be a few one. but the blogs other is creat new post, it is very simply because our reders are not others! they are contry butes on comment, they can chat themselves, they refar to blog post . Really you can get un authors when you go on a holoday.


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          Wow, thanks for all the posts here and ideas and help.
          Havent been into try it yet but, yes, really enjoy placing comments and helping from here when can and when that occurs its strange how it seems to inevitably be returned, even as an intuitive insight that had no way of knowing that that intuitive insight would happen........
          plenty "presence of awarnessing" everyONE/WON .....!!!!