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    We do have so much in common!

    We breathe, we eat, we like to laugh, we want to be happy... think about how little children simply play together, no matter what race or religion!

    Love to everyone,


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      To me, even the most apparently extreme individual eg what we call terrorist, murderer or whatever label we use for transgressors has common ground with me
      They are all seeking happiness. That's the bottom line in my opinion.
      It's not to say this pursuit doesn't get distorted and causes more suffering for self and others, but I like to start with that.
      I know that I sometimes transgress with thought, word and deed. I have told lies, stolen small things, been hurtful to others etc In that respect I am no different. Thankfully, I have not found myself drawn to act out extreme behaviours, I'm but sure the energy comes from the same place. I think those that act out extreme behaviour of that nature, and preach hate etc can still teach us something about ourselves ... as human beings


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        Originally posted by Kate View Post
        Hi Fred. Thanks for your comments which you care enough to write about and deeper than that is the love of the people such as those in the video :-) What youve written is correct with the knowledge and experience you have at that time of writing.
        What if there was another who had knowledge and experience beyond what has been written for a real solution? Woud we be open to that? With those military that "train themselves", if they are "trained" can they be untrained? If genetics or genes are a cause, that would be upto the genetic scientist to solve. With "what we THINK inside".....there is a quote "To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders." Lao Tzu. Did Lao Tzu know and experience something we did not? Was there a mind that could be still to not think? Did he have that mind so he could write that quote? Did he pass on those teachings? We wont really know unless we experience those teachings, not just be told about them. Maybe thats where the solution is, a solution that also has an inner sense of reality with heightened awareness for peace and all the other higher emotions !!??
        Hi Kate,

        One of the most fantastic things about TSM is that it is a very simple and extremely effective and efficient way to experience the mind the way Lao Tzu did.