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  • Additional ways of Letting Go

    Hi everyone! I created this topic so that we could share different ways of letting go and not just based on The Sedona Method. But before we begin, I would like to be 100% certain that this topic is not breaking an rules. Ben or Hale, can you please confirm that it is ok to do this? I did it based on a video of Youtube.

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    hi armadino
    actually i am not hale nor ben but liesbeth but I think it is a great idea
    to explore this idea and introduce even more releasing adventures here....
    In de sedona method tool box there are so many tools, hardly imaginable
    that we need other tools but I also found that for instance chi gong or tapping and
    left/right brain balance exercises
    in any form can be truly very supportive to the whole releasing proces.
    But ok, lets wait and see what hale has to say about it. he will be celebrating
    xmas i guess and after that he will be in the retreat but who knows, lets call him:
    In the meantime, happy xmas, and can you even find the one who wants even
    more releasing techniques ?
    happy searching,


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      Hi liesbeth! Merry Xmas to you and everyone!
      I know a few techniques which I use in conjuncture with SM.... separately they are not as effective, but when you join them miracles really happen. So this is the basic reason for me creating this topic. So in the meantime this topic will be frozen I guess.


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        Ok, since this thread wasn't deleted in a while and I haven't received any notifications from the administration, I'm going ahead.
        So what techniques do I use?

        Here are some of the most frequent apart from TSM:

        Larry Crane's Release Technique- just like Hale, Larry was also a student of Lester I far as I could gather. It is really close to TSM actually. So basicly it consists of "2 ways". The Kinesthetic and Letting Go.

        The Kinesthetic approach is quiet simple..... all you do is locate the contraction in your body, put an imaginary "tube" or open an imaginary "window" over the energy and allow it to leave.
        Letting Go- Letting Go is actually a clone of TSM. All you do is let go of the core desires(approval, control, security).. the only difference being that Larry never releases on separation and oneness.

        The second technique I use, is in conjuncture with TSM, and it's called EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). Simply put, this technique is based on "tapping" the meridian points in your body. The net is full of free info on EFT, so I'm not going to say any more, just google EFT or Brad Yates(on his site he has a ton of useful info).

        And the third technique I use is called the Furba Technique. This is a simple technique. All you do is close your eyes and locate a contraction. After that see it as a ball of energy. Then, lift it before you(with your eyes closed). And as you do this, imagine a dagger/knife/something sharp cutting it, just like a fruit. Repeat the process till you feel that the energy has disappeared.


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          Hi ArmaDino,

          as useful as variations of TSM or additional techniques may appear, I find it important to check if you want to use them in order to gain control. If so, in my experience what you do gets less effective. Releasing for no reason whatsoever is my favourite and works best for me.

          In the end, there is no you to do anything, there is only a ride noone is on. The less there is an enjoyer, the more there is enjoyment (Hale Dwoskin, I guess.)

          That said, why not play with what is enjoyable or do what is appropriate.
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            Originally posted by Coach Jan View Post
            Releasing for no reason whatsoever is my favourite and works best for me.
            Hi Jan,
            to be honest, I never understood this quote, can you please elaborate on it, meanwhile I'll be releasing my wanting to understand it.

            Love and peace to all,


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              Hi Dinu,

              you can simply try it for yourself. Let's say, the opposite is releasing for a specific outcome or to control my experience. So, here we go:

              ||: Could you allow yourself to let go in order to control as much as you do?
              Could you allow yourself to let go for no reason whatsoever? :||

              ||: = repeat

              ||: Could you allow yourself to let go for a specific outcome as much as you do?
              Could you allow yourself to let go for no reason whatsoever? :||

              Letting Go is opening to beingness. Does beingness need a reason to be?

              How does that feel to you?
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                Use whatever suits you best... Some favor Hale because of his more gently and philosophical approach. Larry is more the "kick in the butt" down to earth type of guy. It's just a matter of what resonates best with you.


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                  To The Point -- An Exhaustive Dangling Technique

                  Hi All,

                  I remember in one of Lester's tapes / DVDs he said:

                  Become a point. then he paused and said: ...become everything...

                  I like the idea of first becoming a point since it potentially reveals and cleans out even the most deeply rooted stuff and it's so easy to calibrate on.

                  I've found the following technique exceedingly quick and effective:

                  1. To imagine being a buoyant point of consciousness, let's say about a foot above where the sense of a separate "I" is located -- in my case about a foot above my head.

                  2. Then, using a sense of gravity, exhaustively, relax-idly dangle (WHEW!!!!) any and all pent up feelings that aren't that point, from that point. -- amplifying them by imagining worst/best case scenerios, etc.

                  3. Continue joyfully, delightfully, yuckely, and energizingly until every taint of repressed charge is drained around every thought, to the point of full relaxation --> just prior to having ever been.

                  (Like one of those thick rubber balloons being opened and hung from it's rubber band as it spews it's air)

                  By creating a point of reference, in my experience the technique shreds the energy and the Yins and Yangs squish down together to neutral, being hung to death/life.

                  That's it.

                  Paul Swearingen - San Jose

                  [Hi Hale, Remember you from back in the early Gangaji days -- Pamela led my basic training. I purchased
                  I think 24 "Keys to the Ultimate Freedom" books from you! -- also "The Sedona Method". Thank you so much for everything you've done.]


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                    After I've released a few times sometimes I feel like tensing my stomach muscles, and I tense it and I feel energy rise up from my solar plexus through my spine, if I keep tensing for about 15 seconds, then I feel some tingling on my head, then I felt VERY present, it was quite nice. I think its a good thing.

                    If anyone has done yoga i would be interested to hear their thoughts on this?


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                      This is fine ... there is no problems with this at all, and we endorse other ways to release and Let Go and I know that is something Hale is wanting to really get started in the community.


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