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Non-Duality and The Sedona Method

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    Originally posted by Nick View Post
    This is something that I struggle massively with. No matter how far I get with my attempts at grasping non-duality, there always seems to be an 'I' involved. Who is it that is trying to achieve that boundless state? Even if I achieve it then there's still some sense of 'I' being boundless. I would love someone to help me out on this one, as the only way I can see to not be separate on some level is to be dead (which isn't my preferred option!). In fact, and sorry to be morbid, what's the difference between non-duality and death?
    Hi Nick

    As long as there's a seeker, the best thing to do is to explore. In fact, there's nothing else to do.

    See that the apparent "I" is an appearance in Consciousness and is not always there. Where is it when you are asleep?

    Look and see if you can find an edge to your awareness. Can you find a place where your awareness ends and something else begins?
    There is no boundless state to achieve. It's already boundless. Check (as Hale says :-)).

    You perhaps believe that what's appearing in Consciousness is limited and identify your Self with that. You seem to be looking for an experience, which, by definition, would be limited (i.e it would start - and therefore end). Instead, turn your attention to what the experience appears in (Consciousness) and explore that. It's not necessary to know that it's infinite, as some might have us believe, just that it's not possible to find an edge to it. The mind cannot know the infinite but as the mind appears in the Infinite You, that doesn't matter. It's enough for the mind to see clearly that it cannot find the edge.

    Regarding non-duality and death: look on Rupert Spira's website - he's written quite a bit about this. There are three states with which we are familiar, waking, dreaming and deep sleep (which we could liken to death). You could explore these - they also hold the answers. You would probably also find what Greg Goode has to say about these interesting and useful.

    Finally, until it's seen that there's no seeker, there is a seeker. So seek the seeker until you fail to find it. If you do, you will surely succeed. Don't take anybody's word for it or you will simply be taking up another belief system. Look for yourself and ask questions. Someone like Rupert or Greg will answer them fully and help you to explore your own experience without layering another belief system on top of the one you have (i.e. that you're limited). From what I've seen and heard of Hale, I believe that that the same holds true (although I've never met him or had any personal contact).


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      Originally posted by View Post
      I think the interesting thing recently is when I found out about the enteric nervous system found in our gut area where over 100 million neurons are functioning like a brain in our stomach. This is a physical sign of how we have evolved a left and right hemisphere or a ' dual way of thinking' in our head . We are all hard wired this way now. So I think the only way for us to get a greater sense of our oneness is to shut down the head brain as best we can and allow the enteric nervous system to speak to us. Is this where our intuition comes from? Our gut feelings? Interested in peoples views.
      That is all very interesting of course, but don't forget - that will not really help you understand any of this. It's fun to play with though and I would include it in my exploration. I try to find many ways of "looking" at this so as not to get bogged down with one way of thinking. Try and keep an open mind to any possibility and you might find something that clicks for you. As far as this nervous system is concerned, try looking up Florian Schlosser. His way of treating the bodily experience of non-duality and connection to the world I find very interesting, and is almost identical to the 5th way in Sedona Method.

      And a short message to Nick. Death. Of the body? Of the mind? Death only exists in duality. In oneness, there was no one to be born which means there is no one to die. The body and the mind are not you, they are just your "link" to the physical world. I would also recommend looking at Tim Frekes website - a couple of good videos there which are also very enjoyable. He is passionate about the duality and non-duality needing each other to exist (paradox) and living them both (at the same time) to have a very enjoyable life. He gets you thinking in a way which might make sense to you I think (from reading your post).

      which every way you all choose - enjoy it and don't take it too seriously.


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        ooh, a couple of quotes that I like: "Love can never be understood because thought can never understand, what is limitless". Unmani (she never lost the "seeing" of oneness as she was young. Her problems in life were with fitting in with everyone else who thought differently - ie. she has another perspective and language as other non- dual speakers) Also: "The nature of thought is to limit, separate, and to put labels on everything". And a poem: Somewhere in the lonely bed of dreams before the dawn; One love rolled over into two; In order to embrace itself; And broke its only heart.


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          Thank you

          Thanks, guys. So much to go on there! Here goes on a new leg of the journey then ...
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            A teacher I like very much is Adyashanti:

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              Oh, I like this. Non-Duality resonates with my heart.
              Thank you.

              Teachers that I like are
              - Eckhart Tolle
              - Adyashanti
              - Nisargadatta Maharaj
              - Ramesh Balsekar


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                Okay, here's a lovely 10 min. talk on energy and allowing it to arise in a non-duality context. It resonates with SM as well but uses slightly different language as, of course, it's coming from another view point. It could also help clear up some language usage problems that might be arising.

                VIDEOS | Reflections of the One Life | Scott Kiloby



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                  Hi Jan,
                  in your reply to Nick you suggest getting a "complimentary session with a coach". Can you tell me how such a session is arranged in the Sedona Community. I would like some help letting go of some issues that keep cropping up for me - not necessarily about non-duality. Where does a "session" happen? On-line? I don't know of any coaches or even any other members of the Sedona community who live physically close to me.

                  I joined a group in Australia but so far have not been able to make any contact with anyone - and I don't know how that happens either. I've been waiting for someone who is more experienced in this on-line community to show me the ropes.

                  Cheers Mari


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                    hi Mari

                    go to the top of the page
                    look at the blue bar
                    click coaches
                    contact one of the coaches via their contact info
                    take it from there
                    sessions will be via phone or Skype

                    zannie rose


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                      Thanks Zannie - I'll give it a go.


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                        There is a reason why the Whole Me chose to focus in this physical body

                        Originally posted by BenvsWeb View Post
                        One of the underlying principles of The Sedona Method is that there is no separation. I’m inviting you to participate in a conversation on non-duality that will span the globe….
                        Advaita - literally meaning "not-two" and implied One - is the concept that I was exposed to from childhood, as perhaps most us from India have in one way or another. In the last few years, I have come full circle to Advaita as a Truth that we cannot escape. The beauty of Sedona is that you "get to it" through the everyday, nitty-gritty issues of living. It makes it extraordinarily practical.

                        I think that it's important to know why we release, however. I can release because I want to transcend "this world", "this duality" and to achieve that state of Oneness where "I came from." Or I can release to have that Oneness come through in the living of my physical life, making it as exhilarating, peaceful and whole as it could be, here and now.

                        The latter way of looking at makes it a process, a journey and not a destination. After all, there is a reason why the Whole Me chose to focus into this physical body, this physical experience, in this physical dimension. To me, releasing is a part of "art of living" where I play in the physical world as One and play in the Oneness as a physical being.
                        All expressions of thought and emotion - including words - can only point to the Truth, never tell it.
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                          Burt Harding:

                          Dattatreya Siva Baba:
                          Jai Guru Dev


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                            A question that we often get asked is: "What does it mean “personal?” “Is it personal?”

                            We all act and feel as though there is a separate me here and a separate you over there. This is conceptual. You can discover from welcoming this illusion which is what we call “me” or personal that we are beyond these labels. Another way of saying this is. Because we believe we are separate we taking things personally and project this idea of things being personal on our lives. When we welcome the personal this starts to dissolve and we discover what is beyond the personal. Also, when we ask you to welcome the personal we are asking just that. We are not asking you to let it go or see through it we are simply asking that you welcome what is appearing. The rest takes care of itself.