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The most simple insight you will ever need

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  • The most simple insight you will ever need

    How simple?
    What you are referring to when you say "I" or "me" does not exist.

    This is nothing fancy or spiritual. It's literal. This thing does not exist. I encourage you to try and see what I'm presenting to you. Once you see it, you'll shit bricks.

    No, I am not referring to the thing typing the message.

    You could see it within 15 minutes, if you look honestly. That's all you have to do. Be honest, and look at the truth of the situation. There is no you.

    What I will ask you to do, is take an honest look for yourself. I do not want your agreement or your belief, I want you to actually take a look, and find out if what I'm saying is real.

    We can discuss it here, or you can add me on Google Talk at [email protected], or Live Messenger at [email protected]. Either of those are preferred over the forum.

    I am not interested in debate, that will only show me that you have not taken any effort into honest looking. Similarly but in contrast, I am not interested in people who would just agree with me, for whatever reason, without an honest look.

    But, if you feel willing to take an honest and courageous look into the possibility of this insight, feel free to contact me. You will not regret it.

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