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Happy New Year!

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  • Happy New Year!

    Dear friends!

    I'd like to celebrate the new year and to thank everyone who has been involved in and on this website.

    Thank you Hale for making this website available for TSM community.

    Thank you Alex for overseeing and participating on the website.

    Thank you to all the folks who come on the website to share gains, and ask questions, and to support all of us with insights and releasing suggestions, and for all of those who visit and read the website and support the releasing community silently through their own releasing.

    Thanks to Hale for being a conduit for new and immensely effective ways to release to come through him and for sharing these in the retreats and the support calls.

    Thanks to Hale and Annrika and Tim and David and Susan and Fiona and me for all the support calls.

    Thanks to all the SM instructors and coaches who are actively bringing releasing to people all over the world.

    Thanks to all of my clients who have been courageously letting go and moving forward in their lives in all sorts of remarkable ways.

    And last but not least, thanks to Lester Levenson for being the original instrument for releasing to express itself so that so many of us can find peace, joy and success in all the areas of our lives.

    Sending love to everyone all over the world and beyond,

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    Happy New Year,