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Holosync and binaural beats tech - has anyone ever tried them?

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  • Holosync and binaural beats tech - has anyone ever tried them?

    Hello people, hope you're doing fine.

    I recently stumbled upon this technology of binaural beats, like Holosync or LifeFlow. They say it works miracles. I would like to hear if anyone here knows them, and what are your experiences on this.

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    Hi Edugui!

    I used the Holosync CDs many years ago and found them somewhat useful at that time. This was many years ago, before I discovered The Sedona Method. I now find that releasing gives me much more assistance and support and freedom and oneness with the Infinite than the CDs did. I'm not trying to write and ad for TSM. It's just the truth as I experience it.



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      Holosync users are advised to learn something like the Sedona Method as it can create some confusion for the stuff that comes up. Depends on the user. I don't use the Holosync program. I am familiar with other binaural beat tools. They don't replace the Sedona Method. They are a personal experience like listening to certain forms of music. And music too is a form of entrainment. It's a matter of choosing what floats your boat.