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  • Hello pothound,


    What a great gain. Thanks for your share.

    Look forward to hearing how things unfold,


    • Hi, My name is Jessie from Brisbane Australia. Cleaning out my car about a month ago and found this disc, didn't recognise it so listened to it and it was the Sedona Method - played it to and from work for days, doing lots of releasing. Bought the "Letting Go" DVD and am setting up the community groups playing the DVD as suggested. Was trying to get the online $49 course but no links so have ordered the book from the local library. Have done many many seminars & courses, been to many healers looking for answers, done The Journey and many other self help things but think the Sedona Method is working for me at present - just have to remember to use it. Love this community forum - want to find buddies in Brisbane and will figure out how to access the trainers soon. Thank you all involved in helping us.


      • Hi Jessie!


        It's wonderful to read how you've been exploring TSM yourself and sharing it with others. There are folks in Australia on this sight. You can contact them via this sight and see if any of them live in Brisbane or near there.

        Let us know how things are going for you,



        • Hi Jessie,

          Welcome to this community...and welcome to The Sedona Method. Great to hear you are really excited about it, and sharing it. Connecting with people who have the same interest (in this case The Sedona Method) is a terrific's a great way to not only practice releasing on a regular basis, but also gives you an opportunity to be there and support another in their practice. This is a good place to put it out there that you'd like a 'releasing partner' in your area.

          Interestingly, we (my wife Annrika James and I) as Sedona Method Instructors get over to Australia every year to present Sedona Method seminars; we were in Sydney in May 2012, Brisbane and Albany, W.A. in 2011...and are scheduling Brisbane and probably Melbourne in September/October 2013! There's a good core forming over there these days, so you should be able to hook up with some one if you haven't already.

          One thing that may be helpful, if you are interested, we do a monthly Free Support Call, a great way for newcomers to TSM (and seasoned releasers too) to get some releasing support, ask questions and share gains...and we make the recording available to participants for download. You can sign up for our Support Call here (and that'll put you on out mailing list, and keep you informed as to when we are next in Oz)! Maybe we'll catch you in Brisbane next year!

          So, happy releasing, Jessie! Enjoy the ride!

          Tim McCavitt Sedona Method Instructor

          [email protected]


          • Hello, I'm fairly new to releasing and looking to gain as much benefit as I can from it. I discovered releasing several months ago when I purchased the Sedona Method Course. Have a ton of issues to work on but limiting myself to one health, one financial and one personal helps chunk it down to a point where I feel like I'm making progress.


            • Welcome to the SM community Carol M!

              Glad to hear that you've found a way to release that works best for you. The nice things is that Lester used to say, or maybe it was Hale, if we release on one thing we are relasing on everything.

              Keep us posted on how things unfold,


              • Hello

                Hello everybody,
                I just have started looking into Sedona method in a hope to resolve some current issues that bother me a lot.
                I found this forum when searching online for possible solutions. Obviously, I am very new and looking forward to learning from the community.


                • Hi, I'm Victor from Malaysia.

                  I came to know of Sedona Method from Joe Vitale's Attractor Factor a few years back.
                  At that time, I understand that it's a good process but I have dismissed it as being too simple and go 'searching' for other 'more powerful' stuff.
                  Nonetheless, seed has been planted.
                  Years later, as all the exploring and wisdom gained. I bumped back to Sedona Method.
                  This time around, I could appreciate it more than before.
                  I realize letting go truly is a natural ability as said by Hale.
                  Now I remember letting go is what got me through depression during my adolescence.
                  That time, I had such intense inferiority and chronic shyness that I wouldn't leave my house, fearing the eyes' of others.
                  Luckily, I didn't go and get a 'designer label' as getting professional help is not a norm here at that time.
                  Also, I kept it to myself all the time.
                  After resisting for long, I gave up and let go. And survive till now.

                  Now, I came back to Sedona Method because I want a different life.
                  I've been going along the 'correct' path all these while and wanted to do what my heart really desires.
                  Finish high school, go for university, pick a course that could give a promising career - Mechanical Engineering, get the Degree.
                  Work for a company, work hard, get recognition, get promoted. Get a better pay job. Become a manager.
                  I've been dreading to go to work all these while. I don't feel passionate about it.
                  I couldn't let go and just do random stuffs.
                  I always take the 'safe' course.
                  I need assurance all the time, I wouldn't take any course of action except I'm absolutely sure of the outcome.
                  Wanted to quit, but my wife would be greatly upset about my decision, I have mortgage and loans to pay.
                  But I'm unhappy in my work with just occasional meager satisfaction.
                  Rocking between "learn to love my job" and "go for something else".
                  But that 'something else' is vague and uncertain.

                  So I wish Sedona Method can help me release all blockages and allow me to get the happiness and freedom I so yearn for.

                  Thank you to all Sedona Method community for your work and love.


                  • Welcome to the Sedona Method Community, Victor from Malaysia!

                    Instead of trying to learn to love your job, I suggest letting go of the feelings about it and also working with a goal of what you would like in a career. Do you have the Sedona Method course or book? It would be very powerful to go through that again using your work and career as the focal point of the exercises.

                    There are also a lot of other resources here - several of the coaches and instructors offer free live support calls as well as professional one-on-one coaching. And there's a forum for releasers looking for a releasing partner.

                    Let us know of your progress!

                    All the best,

                    Susan Seifert
                    Certified Sedona Method Coach
                    Register for my Free Sedona Method Support calls


                    • Hello Yusia!

                      So nice to have you join us!



                      • Hi Vistor!


                        Thanks for this great post. Many folks who come on to this site will be able to relate to what you have written here.

                        It might be useful to welcome (allow) all the "shoulds" to come up and then check with each one, "Could you let this go?" , "Would you if you could?", "When?"

                        Also see if you can allow all the aversion to the shoulds and everything else that you have written here to come up too. Could you open to all the aversion and give it as much room as it needs in this moment? And then see if you could let that go. Everyone has shoulds and aversions and it is most helpful to allow these thoughts and feelings to come so that they can be released. This allows for more spaciousness inside which in turn leads to more clarity about what direction to go in and what action steps to take.

                        Keep playing around with TSM and let us know how things unfold,


                        • Louis saying hello

                          Hi my name is Louis and I have been releasing for many years. Now I decided to join this community and share my experience and learn from yours. Release has
                          changed, perhaps not as dramically as I would like. But I open to possibilities and they do come.


                          • Hi Louis!

                            Welcome to TSM community.



                            • Days & Nights With Lester

                              I was introduced to the Sedona Method by an associate who saw some amazing results in a short period of time.

                              I took the live course in Phoenix immediately. I later met Dr. Lester Levnson who said he thought the Method had brought us together. Only later I realized what a high compliment this was.

                              I was doing corporate and strategy consulting and Lester asked my associate and I to help them with their marketing. I spent a few months with Lester doing so, then got to spend time with him after that as well.

                              Thinking about his now, some 25 years later, I realize how easy it is to drift away from something, even though it's highly effective.

                              The Sedona Method is so simple on its face that it sometimes seems TGTBT, To Good To Be True. So, this is my reminder to actuate the process more and more, along with other techniques I've learned and taught over the years.

                              I hope you don't need such reminders to continue with what works for so many around the world.


                              • Hi there, it's nice to see you here and to hear that the method has stuck with you all these years!

                                As our mutual friend and mentor, Lester, said time and time again "Truth is that which never changes".

                                Annrika James Sedona Method Instructor
                                [email protected]