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    Thanks for sharing Scott. I am new to SM but have dove straight in and love it.
    What I do when I feel like I am not getting anywhere a, exercise or b, note it as resistance and let go of either the feeling within my body of wasting my time or let go of wanting to change that feeling. Both seem effective.
    I would also be gentle on yourself.
    If you read into what you have wrote here, you can see that there are things there to release. I will quote them;
    "Sometimes I get a little tired of trying to "welcome" everything" - TIRED, TRYING
    "I feel like I'm going to waste my whole day sitting there trying to "welcome" it all" - WASTING day, TRYING
    "What do you do when it starts to feel like you're just wasting time" - WASTING
    "to be honest I'm still struggling" - STRUGGLING
    I reckon there is some juicy bits there to release on, but that's just my opinion


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      Hi Scott
      these are just more feelings and stories that are coming up to release .... you can welcome them too ...
      Or you can switch to using the other approaches .... ie holistic releasing, diving into the feeling, deciding to simply let it go in the moment
      and ... You can decide to resist the welcoming .... which seems like what you may doing, at these times, anyway ....
      ironically ... welcoming the resistance to welcoming ... will help this I'm sure
      I highly recommend contacting a coach too


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        Hi Scott and everyone on this thread,

        I really appreciate the honesty and support everyone is offering here. The suggestions are marvelous and right on target. The only thing I would add here is that sometimes welcoming is just "noticing" what the experience of the fatigue or the resisitance is for you in this moment. Welcoming can be about "actively" or "intentionally" opening to something or it can be about just "allowing" the experience to be here as much as it is.

        Also welcoming doesn't mean that you love the thing or agree with it. It just means letting it be here without resistance or distraction.

        Thanks to everyone on this sight for sharing and offering so much support,


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          Hi Scott,
          I would like to offer you a free session via skype. You can reach me on liesbeth.van.woerden54 . Some help from a coach or a partner can make a lot of difference and also it is a live experience!
          Just send me an email or let me know via skype!
          Love, Liesbeth

          Originally posted by [email protected] View Post
          I'm Scott. I'm a musician/composer, web developer, etc.

          I've struggled for YEARS with horrible, crushing anxiety and chronic fatigue, which I've discovered is rooted very much in a deep fear of running out of money. I've read countless self-help books, anti-anxiety programs, been to doctors, hypnotists, counselors, sleep specialists, etc. Then, my problems only became worse when I accidentally started to think critically about my faith (thinking is caustic to faith). Jesus was everything to me, but my relationship with him evaporated as I was faced with arguments that I could not ignore. I lost my greatest treasure, my reason for living, the thing that let me believe that everything was going to "be ok." This only made things worse, plunging me into terrible depression and loneliness, as I lost a lot of friends (since Jesus was what united us).

          "Letting Go" is the most amazing thing I've come across so far. So simple, so elegant, and so effective. This is the first thing that has given me a glimmer of hope for getting my life back. I wish I could say that I instantly let go of all my problems, but to be honest I'm still struggling. Sometimes I get a little tired of trying to "welcome" everything. Some days it works amazingly well, and other days I feel like I'm going to waste my whole day sitting there trying to "welcome" it all. I would be delighted for any tips on that. What do you do when it starts to feel like you're just wasting time?


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            I am from Ohio In the US I found Sedona while seeking something to help me with the law of attraction...I am fairly new here and to releasing. I have been threw a challenging 2 years(yes a story) and have found this has been the biggest thing in helping me release on lots of old and new issues. I still find myself at times feeling stuck or sometimes just blank minded..LOL Hello to everyone and super glad to be here.... A goal I have is to me a Sedona Method Coach...I know there is lots of time and money envolved in this...the time I don't mind the money I don't mind..just don't have so trying to release around this at moment...



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              Hello to Everyone on this thread.
              I would like to share some of my experience with the Sedona Method. Like everyone, my life as been a journey of ups and downs, ins and out of lots of different tools and paths. Since I was 17 I began studying natural healing and went through several apprenticeships, programs and degrees in medical herbalism, homeopathy and Chinese Medicine and dedicated my life in service of others. I grew up on the east coast of the US, never felt at home there and left in 1973 and have been travelling ever since. I went out west to Arizona, lived in Hawaii, Utah, and the UK for 12 years just to name a few. The Sedona Method showed up in my life at a very important time, just before everything came apart. I think I heard about it 3 times in the same week and when I went on line it turned out that an instructor lived a 5 minute bus ride from my house is SW London and she was offering an Introductory seminar the following weekend. In the year that followed my health, marraige, job came apart and I am so grateful that I had some tools to help me with all the letting go that was "required" to keep going inspite of so much rapid change and loss. It is just over 4 years now since I returned to the States and began a new life in a new way. I have a great job and hve developed a clinic in Durango Colorado, regained my health, have made some wonderful supportive relationships and feel it is only the beginning of having the life I have always dreamed of. I literally got off the plane in Phoenix and drove straight to Sedona and attended my first retreat. The people I have met through the Sedona thod have been incredible, offering support when I have needed it. Last year I decided to apply for the Certified Coach training and completed it this past Spring. Now I incorporate the tools in my clinical practice and continue to offer support groups and individual coaching. I love being a part of something that for me feels so right for the times we are living in and provides a community like this so we can help each other along the way. The gains I have received are way too many to mention, from dealing with day to day things that come up to what appear to be deeper issues that have held me back and created some of the problems I have had in the past with my health, releationships and finance. I find myself experiencing a deep peace and happiness alot of the time for no apparent reason! And when uncomfortable feelings and things arise now I have the tools to allow what is to be and let it go. The more I have applied the Method the easier it gets. For me it didn't all just change magicallyovernight and at times I got very frustrated but it has been a gradual steady process that continues to deepen the more I allow it to unfold. I could go on and on but I won't!!!! BUt I encourage everyone to stick with it and reach out when you feel you need help here. I am so grateful I found the Sedona Method or perhaps more accurately it found me.
              I wish you all the best on this journey,
              Vanessa Morgan


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                Hi everyone,

                Heard about the method on a meditation forum. People were talking about how beneficial it was to combine meditation with The Sedona Method.
                Got curious, looked on the web, bought the book. Got a very deep release on my very first try.
                So I decided on the spot to book a worshop with Karyn Klapecki this november in Montreal.
                Now I am deepening the different processes of the method.
                Since my first language is french, I would very much like to find a partner to release "en français" in the Montreal area

                Awareness nothing else



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                  Discovering this "community" and The Sedona Method (2 days ago) has already produced change! Although I believe I had heard about it about 2 years ago, I never looked specifically for it and was busy reading Tony Robbins, Joe Vitale, Don Miguel Ruiz and attending "Law of Attraction," "The Four Agreements - The Fifth Agreement" and a few other personal development workshops.

                  Being skeptical, I researched The Sedona Method and became even more convinced it spoke to me. This morning I purchased the book (the Library did not even have a copy) and already am deep into my reading! Also ordered the DVD (3 pak) as I am convinced this is an amazing tool and I know many who will benefit from these teachings.

                  I look forward to being a part and a participant in this community. We can make a difference.

                  Let the journey continue.


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                    To all who are participating in this community,

                    My name is Clarie van de Langenberg, and I live in the Netherlands, in the Utrecht area. I learned about the Sedona method when I saw the movie The Secret. At that time I was a career coach, specialized in creative methods. For example using drawings, visualizations or metaphors to support people in finding out what would make them smile, enthousiastic and energetic in work environments. I investigated many different methods. The Secret fitted in with creating vision boards etc., but by that time I wanted a method that would go deeper than that. For myself personally, and professionally. I bought the book The Secret, and in the back of the book Hale Dwoskin mentioned the book he wrote, the Sedona Method. I bought this book, and that was the start of my journey with the method.

                    I worked a few months with the book, and then googled for a coach or workshop, I wanted some live experience with the method. I was lucky, a month later David Ellzey was coming to the Netherlands for the first time, in 2007. I joined this 3-day seminar and was blown away! At that seminar I was able to buy the basic audio course, that was a real good investment. I listened to this course about 2 hours a day for months. Half a year later David Ellzey again facilitated a 3-days workshop. He spoke in such a way about Hale Dwoskin, that I felt I had to go to Sedona. And, my husband Frank joined me, we went to Sedona together in September 2008 for a 7-days retreat. We also went hiking in Zion National Park, where we spent a week. Sedona and the surroundings are incredibly beautiful.

                    A retreat in Sedona is an event you can’t put into words. The support you experience there is enormous. The releasing is very, very powerful when you are in this environment, with a big group of likeminded people, a lot of (very) experienced people that participate and the very intuitive and unconventional teachings of Hale Dwoskin.

                    I returned to Sedona quickly for more retreats and coach level I and II trainings, Hale and David Ellzey were in the Netherlands for seminars which we attended, and in 2009 I joined the Sedona Method Certified Coach program, and was certified in 2010 as a coach. This program really has been the best year of my life. A challenge, that too, but very rewarding. One of the great advantages was that you had a new release partner every month, and you got to release with Hale, Annrika James and Elizabeth Lavine, all very advanced in the method.

                    I experienced a lot of gains since using the Sedona Method. It has given me lots of insights, new calmness (never been so calm ever before in my life), new confidence, new faith, new possibilities and new joy in my life and work. I experience feeling happy for no apparent reason now, or just smiling and feeling relaxed with what is.

                    This is an on-going experience. Sometimes I get cought up in my mind again, but I notice it much, much sooner. And with a lot of tools, support and on-going releasing with buddies I feel very fortunate. As part of the certified program I purchased most of the audio programs, and still use them a lot for myself. I like the holistic releasing CD’s very much; I still listen to one of these CD’s each day. I’m also very happy about this community, the forums, and the ability to share and learn together.

                    At the moment I work as a career coach and Sedona Method Certified Coach. I facilitate Introductions and Support Groups, and Individual (tele)coaching. I offer a free first coach session and free monthly newsletter.

                    Hope to meet you somewhere on these forums,

                    Clarie van de Langenberg --- Sedona Method® Certified Coach
                    E-mail: [email protected] -
                    Sedona Methode Nederland - Facebook group:
                    Reconnect Yourself - Facebook Page
                    Official Sedona Method websites: -


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                      Hello everyone! (And thanks to everyone who replied to me! I appreciate your feedback and look forward to future discussions.)


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                        Hello, they call me Evan

                        I got into releasing through some people that I know that are into self help and things of that nature. I bought the book and borrowed the intro course from somebody that I know. Ever since then I have been releasing on and off. Whenever I have released I have found things to be very peaceful and effortless. I am very happy that there is a forum for the Sedona Method now. I was looking for one for a while. I will be on once in a while to share my thoughts/gains with everyone.


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                          Hi all. I am relatively new to the Sedona Method. I have experienced numerous benefits using this Method. I enjoy releasing everyday and have only recently started to really pour alot of my energy into releasing. I am looking forward to speaking to like minded people whom I can learn from and grow in the Method.


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                            hi dano,
                            how wonderful that you have found us all the way from capetown (where I was 2 year ago)
                            On this site you will be able to find lots of threads and lots of blogs that will help you find out more about the method. And I suggest you find a releasing partner! From my experience that is the most helpful tool in the method!
                            There are also coaches who will be able to support you and help you in your releasing proces.
                            Welcome here Dano and have a wonderful day


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                              Originally posted by dano View Post
                              Hi all. I am relatively new to the Sedona Method. I have experienced numerous benefits using this Method. I enjoy releasing everyday and have only recently started to really pour alot of my energy into releasing. I am looking forward to speaking to like minded people whom I can learn from and grow in the Method.
                              Hi Dano,

                              I have a client in Cape Town who would love to connect with like minded people like yourself. He's very enthusiastic about releasing and realizing his life goals.
                              Email me and I'll put you in touch: [email protected]

                              Welcome to the community.

                              SM Instructor & Coach
                              Annrika James Sedona Method Instructor
                              [email protected]


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                                Thanks Liesbeth
                                Great to meet you here. Thanks for the advice. I'll definitely look ino that.