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    thank you

    Had a little trouble getting on , didnt realize that I had to click onto thank you to log on big thanks to your support staff for all their help


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      Hi, I'm Sandy, I'm in Indianapolis. Not really new to this, but I had sort of forgotten about Sedona Method for a while. I like the new "welcoming", it feels so positive and easy.


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        Hi, I'm from the Alabama. I've been using the SM on and off for the past 10 years. I have been using the method actively for the past year after a really difficult break up. I have had tremendous gains over the years using the SM. The more I release, they more peace, love and happiness I have in my life. I've joined the community to learn even more about the SM. I am so happy to be here.


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          Hi, my name is Mari. I live in Australia. I bought the "Freedom Now" tapes back in 1999 - attracted to them because the techniques of welcoming and diving into the core were so attuned to my experience of Vipassana meditation. I have been checking the internet over the years looking for "Sedona Method" and a way to upgrade my tapes to CD. I'm releasing and releasing some "financial security" issues presently (common theme on the planet, especially now) so I'm not going to Sedona for a retreat or buying the new course just yet. However, I'd like to join (eek! I have some cult issues) this community and ask some questions and share some "gains".


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            hi....i'm ramona, from romania.i'm a primary school teacher ....i've discovered hale & sedona method while watching some of "the secret stars" on youtube yesterday...and now i'm already here....i've done EFT & the lefkoe method but sedona is quicker...great site you have here...every answer i need is here.


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              Hi, My name is Gabby, and I don't remember how I found this website, but thank God I found it ! Although I'm still having a little difficulty using it, I'm trying, but if someone could give me some tips that have worked for them- I would greatly appreciate it. ( I know I should just let go.... but not quite sure if I'm doing it properly)


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                Tips for using the Forums

                Originally posted by [email protected] View Post
                Hi, My name is Gabby, and I don't remember how I found this website, but thank God I found it ! Although I'm still having a little difficulty using it, I'm trying, but if someone could give me some tips that have worked for them- I would greatly appreciate it. ( I know I should just let go.... but not quite sure if I'm doing it properly)
                Hi Gabby,

                welcome on these Forums! I hope you'll enjoy the support and inspiration to be found here!

                This Forum you've found is a good start.

                The Forums '60 Days of Letting Go' and 'Letting Go Questions and Answers' will give you a good start with releasing questions you might have. Every forums has a focus - in time you'll get to know them.

                In the right side column you'll find recent posts - they come from any of the forums.

                On the top of the page, the light blue row, you find the main options:
                Home - Forum - Media - Blogs - Coaches - Support

                When you use one of these options, the content below will change. For example, 'Forum' will give you an overview of all the forums. 'Media' will give you an overview of all videos. 'Blogs' will give you the blogs that are available.
                (Notice that when you choose an option, the option row just below the light blue row changes with it, giving you specific options to navigate in this section of the website.)

                In the Forums and posts there are little icons giving information. E.g. the 'sun'on the left of each forum changes colour to orange/yellow when there are new posts in there. Or the little envelop you see with posts, turn from blue to red when there are more then 150 views on that post.

                Clicking on a Forum, gives you entrance to the Forum: you'll get an overview of all posts in that Forum. By default you'll get to see the most recent post at the top of the page.

                Click on a post, and you'll enter the post with all replies.

                When you reply to a post (also called Thread), you'll automatically get an e-mail when there are more replys to that post.

                Changing position from Home to Forum, from Forum to Post, notice that the options available to you also change. (These options are on the top right of the section where you are).

                Some options that might be handy:
                • The new posts option. (on the top of the starting page, on the left). This enables you to find the posts you did not see yet - you don't have to scan all other posts.
                • Mark forums read. This option allows you to reset the 'new posts' option to 0, and start over. (You find this option below all the forums, in the middle)
                • Search option. Allows you to search for text in the posts. It searches through ALL forums, through all posts. You can search for a string of words using quotes around the words. (You can find this on the right top of each page - the empty box with a key next to it.
                • Advanced search. Allows you to search in specific forums, or on dates and a lot of other possibilities. (You can find this option below the Search option.)
                • Bread crumbsOn top of each page, a little below the light blue row, you'll find the bread crumbs. It allways starts with a little house, FORUM -> Letting Go Forums -> Name of the Forum you are in -> Name of the post you are in. The bread crumbs are a way of knowing where you are in the Forums.
                • Thread Tools. When you are reading a post, and you are interested in the follow up of this post, you can use Subscribe to this Thread, one of the Thread Tools options. This Thread will be saved for you in the Settings option (at the very top, in the row 'welcome...').

                I also want to encourage you just exploring and trying out how it works - you can't break anything!

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                  Glad to be here!


                  I'm Tim - an expat living in Manila. Heard about the Sedona Method during a Firewalk weekend conducted by John Calub at the end of October.

                  On June 11 this year my eldest son suddenly died of a stress-fatigue heart attack. Learning the Sedona method helped me cope with the grief in a way that nothing else I have ever learned has (I should say that I have been a Pastor and Bible teacher).

                  I'm just so thankful that you have made this available. Now I want to learn more and be able to teach others.


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                    My name is Tamara and I'm from Croatia. I'm 18 years old, studying at School of design, Faculty of Architecture. Love it!
                    I'm new here, started reading on this forum few days ago, although I've heard of it couple of months ago. I've been listening for Sedona basic course for month or two, and I simply adore it! I haven't found anything that simple, easy and powerful yet! And I LOVE that there are no SHOULDS and how is something supposed to be It's going slowly and sometimes I feel somehow stuck, but iti is okay and I see I will find lots of helpful stuff here
                    I think that this is the basis of all and all I will ever need.


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                      Hi Bee,

                      Sounds wonderful that you have found this site!! And the Method!

                      I am always very happy to see so many young people here on the site and feeling that

                      we are all connected somehow, regardless of age, religion, country or whatever.

                      Happy releasing is what I wish for you and if there are any questions you are always welcome to ask!



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                        Thank you very very much, it is so nice to hear that
                        I love to see so many people of different age interested in this sort of stuff, as well. We're raising up


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                          we ar all one!!!! if there is only oneness,........what need is there for separation???

                          take care and happy releasing!


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                            Hello I am Excited to be Here and I want to Introduce Myself I am Steven Hall

                            A little about me. I am a true African American, I was born in South Africa 5th generation. My Great Great Grand Farther was sent to Africa to Make Maps for the Queen, He Rode a Donke and made maps. My Farther was a brilliant engineer and we came to the USA in 1963 I was 6 years old. He work for the research Labs called SRI Stanford Research Institute in Palo Alto Calif and I saw some amazing things growing up. I met Ken Keseys got a ride on his magic Bus to his Ant Farm in the Santa Cruz Mountains and I saw one of the first Super computers all 5000 Sq ft, The prototype of the mouse. But lets fast forward to today there has been many experiences and I would love to talk to anyone who is interested. But NOW is the only thing that matters. Right Now I am The Executive Producer of My Ow TV Show Called the best of Portland The City I live in right now. I get to Interview the best of what this city has to offer. My present Pet Project is Weight Loss and the emotional attachments. I believe that there is a revolution going to happen in the area of The Mind Body connection and Weight.This is all connected to Letting GO. I did an interview with Geoffrey Knight about this new Procedure and there was a ABC Special done on it you can find it here Gastric Mind Band, Hypnotic Weight Loss, Hypo Weight, Hypo Band , Hypnosis BUT Here is the bottom line. We can help anybody to lose 2-3 lbs a week with out even trying. By using Hypnosis and a Very Special technique


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                              Hi Steven,

                              Great to hear from you! Your sharing about SRI and Kesey (any coincidence in mentioning the two side-by-side? ) got me smiling...I was born in Palo Alto, had friends working at SRI, and would see Kesey's bus (with the destination "FURTHER" over the windshield!) tooling around on many occasions! Good luck with your latest endeavors! If you are in Portland OR you may be interested to know that my wife Annrika James and I are scheduling a Sedona Method Living Letting Go (basic seminar) in Seattle in February 26.27...if you get up to Seattle at all. Look for more on our website below. Anyway, glad you've discovered The Sedona need for a bus to take it any've got the key...Letting Go!!
                              Happy releasing,
                              [email protected]
                              Tim McCavitt Sedona Method Instructor
                              [email protected]


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                                Yea it was good times. I did not know what I was in the middle of at the time. I may have to go to Seattle in Feb. Do you thinik you or your wife would like to come on my TV Show to talk The Best of Portland about the Sodona Method and the letting go movie. I am frustrated I did not get a link to the movie.