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    Originally posted by hale dwoskin View Post

    Almost overnight, I knew that I’d found what I was looking for. In fact, deep inside, I knew that this process of releasing was what I had been born to do and share with the world—and to this day I have never wavered. In the past 26 years, I’ve watched thousands of other people change their lives, radically yet gently, for the better just by learning one elegantly simple, yet powerful technique.
    Awesome. Thank you Hale, thank you Lester.


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      Originally posted by phsupertonic View Post
      I'm Scott. I'm a musician/composer, web developer, etc.

      I've struggled for YEARS with horrible, crushing anxiety and chronic fatigue, which I've discovered is rooted very much in a deep fear of running out of money.
      thank you for sharing

      don't welcome it, just let it be as is, accept...that I think is faith, feeling that all is as it should be instead of buying the illusion (and loosing myself in it) that my ego decides anything.

      Breathe in, breathe out,that is all, and I am not doing it, it gets done. Unless I am at peace with only, out-breath, there is more to let go off.
      Jesus is not Thee One, he is One as we all are, a teacher but not the icon of the organized religion, just the ascended master (my take on it)
      I see the symbol of cross as meeting of the vertical consciousness in no time with the horizontal illusion of body in time and space and where those two meet (project the cross on your body any body) is the heart, the spiritual heart, the door to thee eternal.

      be well


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        Originally posted by [email protected] View Post
        A little about me. I am a true African American, I was born in South Africa 5th generation. My Great Great Grand Farther was sent to Africa to Make Maps for the Queen, He Rode a Donke and made maps.
        fascinating, there is book right there....

        who sent him? from where?


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          Hi, thanks everyone for your introductions.

          I actually didn't find TSM. Years ago (I do not even know when) a Lester's biography book found me. I was mesmerized. After participating in many different self developmental attempts in many different disciplines of personal development, I recognized this man Lester Levenson knew what there was to know, like Ramana Maharshi and some others.

          At that time I couldn't get a grip on what the releasing was, there seemed to be two different men teaching it, the programs were expensive....I didn't get any specific answers. I loved Lester's photograph, the smile, so I kept staring at it. I knew he knew. Period. That was enough.

          Then Hale's book SM came out, I bought it (ahhh, finally, I thought) and didn't get anywhere with it either, and I've got the other program on CDs and I didn't get beyond the first CD track.....then this forum was born....

          What can I say, it keeps coming, I keep releasing, somehow it all found me.
          Thank you.


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            Iris Mendoza

            What I do I' A student of all the laws of the universe and
            I have a business of Upholstery & Supply for upholstery
            and I find you threw Give a Little Get a Lot I purchase the 10 weeks course
            at the mean will I steel have not been available to download all the courses I only been available to download one week is some one in the forum may know how to do this so I can down load the rest of my courses
            I will appreciate that greatly,Best regards to all of you.


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              Hi from Denmark

              I have heard a lot about the Sedona METHOD without really knowing what it was / is. Now I have taken up the commitment to dig a little deeper.
              I am a life- and business coach, project manager, small business owner in very different fields of interests, or I could say that I am at a cross road in my life right now transitioning from old to new way of life.

              I hope to get a lot of inspiration from this course.

              Marie Louise Steenbjerg
              Copenhagen area


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                New 2 You

                Hello everyone my name is David Hall and I am new to the Letting go family. I don't really know if this will work for me but I will give it a try. There are a lot of things I have worked on letting go of for a little while now. It was not through the Letting go method that I just viewed but I realized that there were things I needed to let go of and I have been working on that.

                When the opportunity came up to do this I thought it was time to explore more of what I was doing already. I am not sure this will work for me because I understand that everything does not work for everybody. Getting out of my own way will be a challenge because I think I am always awake but not always aware.

                Anyway, thank you for being a community of people who want to make a positive difference in this life and on this planet.

                Season’s greetings,



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                  Originally posted by hale dwoskin View Post
                  Welcome to the community! Please be a little easier on yourself. There is nothing about what you are experiencing that is the cause for you struggle or effort in any way. All is well! Just let yourself relax and enjoy the ride.
                  oh, being easy on myself, just forgot, but it's true. I'm confronted with things that prior to knowing TSM would have gotten me into complete freakout, this may produce the visible tension. But the clear head that I need to deal with this stuff is there, and help comes from all sides. Plus there are those funny-freeing released moments where any way this may turn out is completely fine. And the situation actually shows me where I used to grab on to stuff and not even see that I was doing that. Those releases are like a record inside, from doing it so much, and the release is real and instantaneous. I think I went through each of the dozen or so programs I have three times in full, at least. Some releases have a play count of 60 in itunes. crazy. thanks Hale!

                  ps oh you mean none of this is the cause for suffering, I hear that : )
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                    Introducing Myself, what is happening in Germany

                    Introducing myself, Great Idea Ben,
                    so I am doing that.
                    My Name is Axel Geiger.
                    I found this page some days ago.
                    I started the SBC in 2000 with the goal: finacial freedom.
                    I reached this goal in 2002, when I sold my company (Geiger Vision System GmbH)
                    I felt great for a while.
                    After that my live got more worth than ever before (divorce, depression etc.)
                    So I got into a process of releasing using all materials from Lester, Hale, I coud get,
                    including Larry Cranes tapes, Icap etc. and worked with that (app. 2000 hours over 6 years)
                    This helped me a lot to release, but I got stuck in 2008 in finding perfect happines.
                    Listend to all CD's of Inner Circle, Telefonconferences etc. it did not help.
                    The breakthrough came with a book of Ramana Maharshi, I worked with
                    this book for 6 month day after day.
                    Consciousnes watching consciousnes.
                    I fell into a state of permanent happiness.
                    After that I listend to the Inner Circle 1+2 and got some more ideas,
                    what this is all about.
                    This helped me to work with others very successfull.
                    (there are no CD's/tapes in german language).
                    In 2000 I contacted Hale with the question:
                    When will the SBC be availabel in german language?
                    He said wait.
                    So I am waiting, with the idea in my mind to build
                    up some kind of center in Germany.
                    But may be I have to release on that (-:
                    If you are from Germany, please contact me.

                    Axel Geiger
                    [email protected]


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                      My name is Aron. I became aware of the Sedona Method when reading Jack Canfield's "The Key to the Law of Attraction". I've watched the movie a couple of times and I just ordered the 20 CD set last night. I've been releasing for a week now. I think it's helping but sometimes I'm not sure if I'm doing it right. Am I right in that there are two different ways to release...the 5 basic releasing questions and the Triple Welcoming technique? Is one used more than the other? Or is it just personal preference? Also, I'm not sure how to go about step 2 and step 3 in the triple welcoming process. Could someone please explain these two steps to me a little farther?

                      Anyway, I'm sorry I turned this introduction of myself into a bunch of questions. That wasn't my intention.

                      I'm struggling financially right now and in between jobs and not sure what I'm going to do for work so I've been really stressed out lately. I look forward to being a part of this community and making 2011 the best year of my life.

                      Thank you!


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                        Hello, my name is Andrea. I'm 25 years old and I'm from Brazil.
                        I've stumbled upon the Sedona method after I began searching for ways to perfect the Law of Attraction. On Bob Doyle's site, there is a series of MP3s you can get from him, and in one of his MP3s there is an interview with Hale on the Sedona Method. I found it interesting and began to look up more about it. Now I have seen the Letting Go movie and went through the 20 CDs basic course.

                        I'm stuck in a financial rut right now, but I'll leave that for another post to get more attention on it.

                        Right now I'd just like to say thanks for the possibility to share and having peace again, even if a little bit!


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                          Hello Everyone,

                          I am very new to The Sedona Method Community and to the method itself. I discovered it three days ago when I was looking at The Release Technique/Abundance Course. I combed all through the internet reading people's feedback. I did this while waiting for a feedback of a friend who actually went to a live Abundance Course but she never got back to me.

                          I am almost sure that because of her not getting back to me it made me more thorough in my research and that is how I had discovered The Sedona Method. I totally appreciate my friend's "flakeness". LOL!

                          I have been going through the course a couple of hours a day and release all throughout the day. And I already feel a huge difference. I may already see an external change - a new client, how my ex-boyfriend is acting...

                          Although it's only been three days with the method I am excited what the future brings for me and my life!
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                            Hello to everyone in the Community, I am very new to the Community and have started on the Sedona Method a while back. I have been stuck in a rut since things have been turning and turning around in my life.

                            I firmly accept that the Sedona Method is something I do want to learn and teach myself. I firmly understand that this is something that can and is the most amazing thing I know.

                            I have been starting again on the Method and will complete it this time.

                            I would love to have any contact or replys. SO please feel free to contact me.

                            Greetings to you all


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                              Hello all,my name is Horea, I'm from Romania.

                              it's great to find such an open community. I heard about the method about 1 year ago, and since then I experience with. For me it was a big surprise to find so much valuable materials and so an open minded community.


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                                Hi, I'm William from Indonesia.. is a small country at southeast Asia, but with the 4th larger population in the worlds. I'll like to following the seminar about letting go. honestly i got the sedona method book in translate version but not satifsfied me. any opportunity to make the seminar at indonesia? since my english not so good in conversation. i'll be glad to know if there any chance making seminar at indonesia.. and sharing this letting go with the indonesia people.. ^^