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Introduce Yourself to the Community , Who you are, What you do, How you found us?

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    Dear Sedona M community

    Wow! What a great movie that was about the Sedona Method! Thank you so very much! Thank you also for giving us an opportunity to give thanks and to join in the conversation among community members. I was aware of the Sedona Method but now understand it sooo much more since watching and 'participating' in the movie! Thank you! I will keep on letting go and continue on my 'staying in the present moment' journey! Many Blessings & Love to all, Catherine
    Energy Awakening: Cathy Allon
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    Originally posted by BenvsWeb View Post
    Howdy All,

    I realized there was not a section in the community where you can introduce yourself so I have now made one.... here it is....

    In this thread you can introduce yourself, who you are where you are from, what you do, what you want to do anything like that, and anything else you want to say.

    Also tell us how you found the Sedona Method Community, how you are going with the method, if you have watched Letting Go, how it has or has not impacted your life, what you are doing as a result....

    So let me go first ....

    My name is Benjamin Bressington and I am the marketing manager for Sedona Training Associates, I was the person who made this community happen and working on the continued growth of this community,, The Sedona Method (official site) Self Help Program by Hale Dwoskin and all of our social media properties. My company also handles all the customer support for Hale as well, so it is my role to make sure you are happy and making the most of this experience. (Any recommendations let me know, We are always, Always improving)

    I only got introduced to the Sedona Method in June when I got started on this project with Hale and my first experience was Letting Go when I watched the movie. I have been working with people in the personal development field for the last 6 years and it has been fantastic. As a result I must now Let Go 5-10 times a day and it really does work. Things in my life are just happening and I no longer worry as bad as I used to. I used to work 7 days a week and not be satisfied. As a result I am more satisfied with what I do and the the life that I have. I really love my life now every day and I am grateful for what is happening and what my Fiance' and I are working towards.

    I have the privileged of working with my Fiance' every day as we merged our 2 companies and it has really never been better for both of us. of course there are the good days and the challenges but we both can look at each other and say ok that's it let get over it and move on and we do... We have the lucky lifestyle that we get to work from any where in the world and I recently moved from Australia to live with her in Calgary, Alberta Canada. How I met her is another story for another time.... (I have keep getting told that my version and her version are totally different)

    So I am here to make ensure that this community is the number 1 website on the internet for personal development and transforming your life. The community is now rapidly growing and expanding and we are working hard to ensure this is a fun community website that engages you.

    Talk to me online or on the chat since that is why we have it....

    Have a great day....and I look forward to getting to know you more. ... now it is your turn to share....


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      Hi Community!

      My name is Dave White. I'm from Orinda in the S.F. Bay Area, CA. While browsing the Net last month, I found videos of Hale et al advertising the Letting Go movie on YouTube. I liked the trailer and the many testimonials, so I watched the free online version of the movie. I was so impressed that I bought the movie and recommended it to friends and family. But I'm not sure how many have followed up on it.

      After seeing the movie, I quickly decided to buy the Beyond Letting Go course, in order to get the $100 discount. Then, I got an e-mail from Cynthia Kersey of the Unstoppable Foundation, asking for a $100 donation to her "Give a little Get a lot" charity. One of the "gifts" that I chose for doing that was the Sedona Method Course. Perfect! But my real gift was knowing that I helped educate a child in Africa. As a retired teacher, that was way important for me.

      I am now reading the Sedona Method book, which I found at the library, and I'm loving it. The Sedona Method Course has been downloaded now, so I'm doing that too, "as best I can", while keeping up with Hale's "60-days-letting-go" e-mails. Meanwhile, Beyond Letting Go is also downloaded and quietly waiting for me to get a Round Tuit. I'm having gains already and more fun than a body should be allowed to have!

      Thank you Lester and Hale and all staff responsible for supporting us in this great process!

      p.s. @William from Indonesia, your English is fine!
      "There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so." Shakespeare: Hamlet


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        Welcome!! I got a chuckle out of your post. I love the part about having more fun than a body should be allowed to have. I can relate.



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          Introducing myself to community

          Hello to everyone,

          I am 73 yrs. of age! Me & my son have been taking the sedona method course about close to a yr. ago. He found the course through computer research at my request. Then he decided to take it with me since he saw how well i was doing.

          Speaking for myself, i feel for the fist time in my life i know myself. Really! I have'nt taken any further courses, because I'm following levenson's advice(pages 15 & 16 in the sm book)to reread repeatedly for more benefits,
          bottom & top of pages.

          I need to release on a hang-up. I sometimes have problem talking on phone, which don't make any horse sense to me because one of my few talents is being articulate and am quite well-read.

          Well at least you know i'm a die hard!



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            Saying hello

            I found this community after buying a book online!!! I'm an elementary public school teacher, an artist, holistic health coach and yogini!!! I am currently on a medical leave, and contemplating a new career, integrating my interests/passions which include health and healing, education, art, and movement including dance and yoga.....I love poetry and essay-writing as well.


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              Thank you Hale so much and greetings everyone!
              I just finished watching 'Letting It Go' movie... I am amazed how Existence works...... As soon as I made New Year resolution to let go of my hidden emotions, past hurt and pain and turn into a beautiful flower that emanates Love, Care, Trust... I received a gift from Marci Shimoff together with her new book 'Love for no Reason' a movie 'Letting it Go'... and prayer got answered... Thank you God...!

              I am so ready to let go... so ready... I just to be ME and FREE!!!


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                Where do i go to put in my picture?


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                  Originally posted by [email protected] View Post
                  Where do i go to put in my picture?
                  Hi! Happy to help, although others are more acquainted with this site and how it works than I am.

                  Click on "Settings" at the top of this page. That should take you to the page where you can upload your photo. On the left is "My Settings". Third one down is "Edit Profile Picture". I believe the photo uploaded here only goes on your Profile Page (which is probably why it's called "Edit Profile Picture"). You can choose what you want to appear, or not. Upload from your web site or browse your computer, your call. Fourth one down is "Edit Avatar". The photo or other graphic uploaded here goes on your postings.

                  Note the dimension and size requirements (120 x 120 and 100Kb), which should be visible when you place the pointer over your graphic.

                  Hope that works for you. Peace and Love.
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                  "There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so." Shakespeare: Hamlet


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                    Hi, I'm Julian from England, relatively new to the Method. I viewed Letting Go movie, and subsequently bought the book and some of the Inner circle retreat CD's which I'm finding helpful. Still early days at the moment, but have experienced some gains, and am confident that there will be more!


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                      Anyone here from Toronto? I'm Bonnie, I'm new here and looking to connect with other Sedona practitioners in the GTA.


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                        Hello all

                        I'm from India. I came across this method as I suffered a setback in a relationship with the girl I love. And I was not able to let go of those memories and it hurts me a lot. She's engaged but we still talk. It's kinda hard very hard for me, but for some reason I cant stop the communication with her. And for seeking help to release attachment to her I found this Sedona's method.

                        I hope I will find help here



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                          Hi... I'm Kathy in the Wallowas. That's where Oregon, Idaho, and Washington come together, or every nearly. It is gorgeous here, and also remote. I would love to connect with folks for releasing (in person, by phone, or however it can work). I'm currently replaying some Sedona Method CDs every day for 60 days, and it's wonderful. I'd love to add peoplefication to that.


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                            I am from Malaysia. Got to know about the Sedona Method from Hale's book..

                            Enjoyed the book and also the movie on triple welcoming.

                            Have been doing releasing and welcoming and I have notice my thoughts are less throughout the day.



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                              Hi Everyone;

                              I'm Located In salmon, Idaho, USA.

                              I've enjoyed the Sedona Method. The materials are a very gentle path of self discovery.

                              "I am not who I think I am; I only experieince Life through who I think I am." Dahl 2009


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                                Just joined to-day,have ordered the dvd...heard about this on the soulmate summit looking forward to using this method!