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  • Finally...

    Hi all,

    nice greetings from Vienna - Austria!

    I want to thank Hale (and Lester) for this powerfull releasing technique.
    All my life i struggled with my bodyweight and finally - 20 years later - I have found "my answer" thru releasing.

    Today I can eat how much I want and I still lose weight without any stress, effort or strain. (24 pounds till now, more to come) It is absolutely fantastic!

    I look forward for more positive changes in my life! And: the first time in my life I feel a strong foundation on which I can rely - finally a self help technique that really works.

    Thanks thousand times!!!

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    Congratulations! Confetti! Rock on! :-)
    Why keep it?


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      Isn't TSM amazing? Congratulations!!!!!


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        I have aso experienced a greater freedom. I was an obbsessive dieter. I would not even put any thing with a trace of PHO into the shopping cart. I was a scale watcher too. I never realized the pressure that I was adding to my life. I eat healthy but not obseesively and I feel great. Some diets in my experience can be harmful even if they are effective. I have a much more well rounded diet plan now.
        Thanks for your sharing


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          Congratulations ! We wanna a party.