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  • Hello Everyone!

    My name is Corey, I've heard about the Sedona method a couple of years back,
    but this is the first time I've cam across your forum.

    Basically, I'm looking for ways to relax and relieve anxiety,
    since my girlfriend is very self conscious and is losing lots of hair due to stress...
    I need to find something and I thought this forum will be a good place to start.

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    Hi Corey,

    A great way for your girlfriend to start relieving stress and anxiety is with the new Sedona Method Quick Study Course - see above thread. It's very easy to follow and practice, and affordable, so it won't create additional stress!

    The course is also a great gift for anyone unaware of their natural ability to let go of these limiting feelings. Sharing this simple, powerful tool for personal freedom is the loving way to go!

    Thanks for reaching out to help a friend.

    Licensed Instructor
    Annrika James Sedona Method Instructor
    [email protected]