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blessings for all fellow releasers

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  • blessings for all fellow releasers

    Some four weeks ago or so the could you would you when interrupted my daily mind-full-of-thoughts-and-musts-and-shoulds-routine by an app that sums several relaxation tools. And from all those tools in there, this was the only one didn't know yet. And it was completely different from all the rest and anything i was introduced to so far. But most importantly, it definitely got my attention as just doing it worked right from the beginning. So i bought the german version of Hale Dwoskin's Sedona-Methode book. Although it introduced a bunch of exciting further approaches and applications i wasn't sure whether the translation was appropriate in all aspects, especially in the questions. Therefore i ordered the original basic course which is just great and clarified my original worries with the german translation. Now i started the effortless creation. Perfectly structured course. First gain so to speak from this course was, that i completely let go of all former ideas of a useful thirty-days-goal. They all turned out to be needs and musts and shoulds and wants and as i released them, i was left with a no goal for the moment. And since this doesn't sound very helpful for the course. i also released this "no goal" and it worked i guess. My 30-days-goal now is to simply make practicing the Sedona Methode a habit. Should fit into the course i guess, will find out as i continue with the cd's . And when i feel like i am done with this course for now, so as early as thirty days, maybe more, we will see, i'll begin with the beyond letting go.

    I am not new to life and not new to releasing as we are all born with this quality. Just all new to the Sedona-Method which so far is a terrific experience.

    So thanks for sharing this method and hootless productive days to everyone


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    Hi Alex,

    always wonderful to read how somebody finds the method and immediatly absorbs
    everything and start using it in their life.
    Effortless creation is a great course, working on goals is so different with the sedona method
    so that it really becomes fun and as you were writing 'hootless productive'......
    I wish you succes and lots of fun and hootlessness.


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      Thank you liesbeth. You are perfectly right. I am absorbing the Sedona Method like a new born absorbs the world. It is definitely not the sit down and shut up mode