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Trying to find the quickest, easiest way to peace, and letting go

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  • Trying to find the quickest, easiest way to peace, and letting go

    Hello, My name is Mary.I have had my share of crazy, traumatic stuff. I am looking to let it go and get beyond it. That sounds real simplistic. I have had the " Sedona Method book" for almost 2 years. I purchased the audios of Hale's teachings. I have a lot of releasing to do-- the question is where to start? there is a lot is there a clean sweep method? I am here to learn and share.

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    Hi Mary,

    Welcome here first of all!

    Second, would it be possible for you to let go of the belief that there is a LOT to let go?

    If you are here and now, what is actually here???? Is that a lot?

    Can you really welcome what is here now and welcome all the stories attached to it.....
    Also welcome everything you want to DO with that. (fix it, get rid of it, understand it, CHANGE it......)
    And then........can you also welcome how REAL this all appears? how real it feels.......

    Could you let go of wanting to make this real.

    This might be a little hard. Cause you don't want it anymore so why on earth would we want to make
    the story real again........... Just check and notice that maybe there is some safety in holding on.....
    Does it feel comfortable just a little bit?

    So if you let go of wanting to stick to the story that can sometimes be the clean sweep you are asking for in your post!!!

    Maybe you will have to do this more than once! ))

    Happy releasing,


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      Hello Mary,
      Welcome to the forum.
      In a way it really doesn’t matter where you start as any releasing will naturally lead to more releasing - at least that’s my experience. There can also be resistance too of course, until there isn’t. I find it best not to try to force the process too much, just be where I am.

      It sounds as if you might be trying to figure it out - what to do, where to start, is there a clean sweep method etc - so welcoming that is a good place to start! Just welcome all the wanting to figure it out (which is just a way of wanting to control). And then let it go as best you can.

      My favourite process is the triple welcoming, which is not in the book and depending which audios you have you may or may not have it. If you have Beyond Letting Go it’s on there, and it’s the main process used in the movie ‘Letting Go.’ If you aren’t familiar with it there are lots of examples on this forum, both in posts and in the videos Hale has posted. It’s probably the closest you get to that “clean sweep.”

      Very simply, you:
      1) welcome the issue, including all the images, memories, thoughts, feelings and body sensations that come with it.
      2) welcome any wanting to do anything about the issue - push it away or hold it close (trying to figure it out is a sneaky way we hold things close, some other ways are replaying it in our minds or wanting to talk about it)
      3) Welcome the feeling it’s personal, that it is you or means something about you. (and notice you are welcoming this, not trying to stop taking it personally)
      Usually by the third step you will feel a release, and if you are still holding on just ask: would I be open to letting this go?

      You can go through the process a few times each time you do it.

      Liesbeth’s post must have come in as I was typing. I agree with everything - especially about wanting to make it real - I’ve found Liesbeth’s advice on that to be very helpful.
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        thanks ladies, Lisbeth & Evie: I am grateful for your words of wisdom. You have both given me much food for thought. I have gone in various directions trying to find peace since my husband's death in 2009. There got to be a lot of pain for he and I both. He was very ill the last year of his life and had always been very present and in control of his surroundings.


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          Hello Mary,

          I’m glad that the suggestions were useful and sorry to hear of your husband’s death. I would definitely recommend either Beyond Letting Go or the Letting Go course itself as in both there is a man releasing on his wife’s death.

          One thing Hale says about grief in BLG that I found very helpful is that sometimes when there are memories that have both sadness and sweetness we hold on because we are afraid that if we let go of the pain we will lose the sweetness. He also says that we think by continuing to miss the person this means we are honouring them, and that we think the grief connects us to the person, but it fact it cuts us off from the love that we are. So when you release the sadness you actually feel closer to the person, not further away.

          I hope this helps.