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  • Hello everyone

    I can see the benefits of the Sedona method, but it's very difficult to stay on course for me. I signed up mainly for support and hopefully I can return the favor some time soon. I've felt the "letting go" experience and can see it's power--the thing is that it's hard to do it every time. I'm glad to be here so I can learn from people who are much more familiar with the method. Peace everyone. Thanks, Keif

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    Hi Keif,

    Great that you've discovered The Sedona Method and this Community/Forum! As far as your 'staying on course', just be easy on yourself, and let it unfold organically for you. One thing you might try: ask yourself "Can I allow myself to hold on, as much as it appears that I am?" and then ask, "Can I allow myself to let go, just as best I can?" Do this holistic release several times back and forth and see what happens!

    Another thing to check for, especially since you've 'felt the "letting go" experience...don't gauge everythng by that experience. Sometimes letting go can be extremely may not feel a don't strap yourself with the expectation of 'bells and whistles' every time...and if that doesn't happen, then, crap, "I'm doing it wrong..." Sound at all familiar? Again, just be easy on may take a short period of time to get this atrophied releasing 'muscle' to where you do it just like breathing...

    One last thing, put up a written note/post-it or two or three around your place (maybe by the phone, computer, bathroom mirror) as simple reminders to let go. The best news is: you can't get this wrong, letting go is natural and you've already proven to yourself that you can!

    If you feel inclined, may I invite you to join my wife Annrika James and me for a free Support Call we'll be offering this Wednesday September 14th at 11:00am and 6:00pm PDT. If you are interested, simply go to our website and register and you'll be sent instructions on how to listen in (or participate, if you care to): register for our Support Call

    So, welcome to the 'wonderul world of letting go' with it and know there's tons of support here from us All!

    Warm regards,
    Tim McCavitt Sedona Method Instructor
    [email protected]


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      Precisely.. You made the right choice..
      Fibromyalgia | psoriatic arthritis