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  • Hey...

    Hey Everyone!

    I've just finished reading Hale's book and have been listening to the CD's - it's all totally awesome - i've been noticing huge improvements in my life already! WOW!

    I have a question, and I'd be very grateful if anyone reading this could answer....

    On the CD's, there's a few people who share their experiences after doing the exercise involving physical resistance followed by a physical release....without "seeing" it, I assume that this exercise is done between two people. I would like to do this exercise with my family here at home, but, it is a bit difficult when you don't know how to do it! There is an explanation in the book about how to do a similar exercise by yourself, however not with a partner (from memory).

    Is there a video showing how to do the resistance/releasing exercise with two people?



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      Hi Geoff,

      The workbook is great to use for partner releasing. All you do is read the questions from the workbook to your partner and let them answer however they do and then they do the same for you.



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        Delilah, I think that Geoff was asking about the particular exercise that was omitted in the audio course. I am also interested in trying this exercise too. It is the one where two people do some sort of pushing and pulling and somehow they learn a great deal about resistance. As I understand it was in the retreats.


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          Thank you, I will try with my friend.


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            It's a simple exercise. You take turns one will resist and the other will be the force or pressure. Face each other and hold your hands up palms out about chest high. Press the palms against each other. So the force is pushing against the partner and the person in the resist role will push back, The aim will be to keep the space between you the same. Switch roles so the other person gets a go. Then do the same again but instead of resting, allow. It's simply an exercise to be aware of resistance.

            Like playing tug o war with the family dog. You both pull, you both resist, or you can allow the dog to pull but allow, not resist and you can stay in the spot with the dog still holding onto the rope and remain in control. I had to use allowing to keep my dog on the leash. If I resist the pull by pulling back he pulls the head out of the collar. If I allow his pull without resistance he cannot get off. He doesn't bother trying anymore. My control came by letting go.