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Forgetfulness and Resistance Toward Releasing

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  • Forgetfulness and Resistance Toward Releasing

    Hi, I'm Stacy, a 40 y.o. female from Oregon, USA. I was introduced to the Sedona Method in 2004 (absolutely hated it at the time), and didn't pick it back up until 2010 at the request of a therapist I see (who is also a Sedona Method Coach). I am very inconsistent in my releasing: most of the time I just forget to do it; other times, I resist releasing. I come up with excuses that it just doesn't work for me and that I don't see the results other people find.

    My questions are the following:

    1.) How can I remember to release?

    2.) How can I feel more positive toward releasing?

    Thank you for reading.

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    Hello Stacy,

    I would suggest talking with one of the coaches. And I think a good place to start is releasing on the expectation that it won't work for you. This is one of the issues I'd grab a physical object and actually hold on to while saying releasing won't work for me, and grip that object. At some point you're going to get the desire to let it go.

    Without the coach setting time aside to work through the course would be another way.

    How can I feel more positive toward releasing?
    Do you want to feel more positive? Could you let go of wanting to feel more positive about it first? Would you? When?

    Notice the resistance (I'm not feeling positive toward releasing) And Ask the questions could I let this go?



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      Another possibility is to start building a time to release. For example right after you get up, right before you go to bed, right after lunch, etc. Whatever works for your schedule. The point is start to build a routine for releasing. This is just to start as once you get into releasing it will become natural.

      The good news is with modern technology you can use tools to send you emails, IMs, and/or text messages to remind you to release. You can use digital calenders like Outlook. If you would like a good reminder service look to (they have no cost and paid plans) and can email you, IM you, integrate with Google calender, have iPhone and Android apps, etc. That is just an option.


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        Hi Stacy!

        How about allowing the resistance to releasing to be here? Notice what it's like...Can you allow all the thoughts feelings and sensations that come up as part of the resistance to be here as fully as possible?

        You mentioned that you really hated releasing before...Is there any residual dislike for releasing left? Could you welcome that? Could you let any dislike for releasing be here as fully as possible?

        You might also explore advantages and disadvantages to releasing when you working with your therapist.

        Keep us posted and let us know how things unfold,


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