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Finally saying Hello to everybody

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  • Kate
    Very welcome and thanks !
    Yes this community is great, plenty of learnings, unlearnings and opening up (or down, whatever that is...heh heh) which allow support and beyond
    and the joy of coaching .... Plenty thanks again !

    Just for now, it is back to one free coaching session of 30 mins with TSM for any one interested...if time zone is an issue , this is based in Australia at present and who knows, the 5 free sessions may crop up again sometime .... ! ....... Freedom through TSM.......welcome to view, if you want to know about "the me" a little more before opting ....!!

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  • inspiriert
    started a topic Finally saying Hello to everybody

    Finally saying Hello to everybody

    Hi there,

    I also want to say a 1000 thanks to Kate Burke
    for providing the free coaching sessions last week.
    It was great luck to have the chance to be one of her coachies.
    The sessions were full of lightness and laughter.
    This way I had not been releasing before
    and from the first day I felt very confortable under her guidiance!

    I started off with a goal last week
    and I already lost a lot of resistance against action steps,
    feeling much more motivated in getting into action now
    and letting it flow.

    I have started with the method in April
    after trying out lots of self help stuff for many years
    and very quickly felt
    that this is what I was searching for all these years,
    soakig up every information I could possibly get.
    This community is wonderful with all the material and video/audio stuff provided
    - I already have been a quiet reader for months

    as well as all the support calls, they are great helper
    deepening the insights somebody gets from the book an audio courses
    and making the method much more multydimensional
    helping with everyday releasing.
    So also a lot of thanks to Susan, Annrika, Tim, Jan and the Hootless team.

    Sending You lots of sun from Germany. Karin