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    Hi Everyone:

    Following Benjamen's suggested intro of 'who you are, what you do, how you found us', here goes:

    My name is Gale. I live in rural Arkansas with my husband, Alan and a four-legged fur-child named Merlin. I wasn't born here. And neither was Alan. We just sort of ended up here due to a series of life's twists and turns. Funny thing is this isn't what either of us would have chosen. But it's OK. We've learned to appreciate the advantages and accept the disadvantages. My sense is that we'll be here a while longer, but not indefinitely.

    I've been a therapist (mental health) for 30 years. I currently work as clinical director for an outpatient mental health program that serves a mostly rural population. If I had my druthers, I'd drop the administrative parts of my position and just do straight therapy and supervision. But that doesn't seem very practical right now. (Perhaps I need to do some releasing on that. ) My other avocation is humane (animal) welfare. When I lived in Dallas, I had the privilege of creating a pet therapy program for the SPCA of Texas. To date, that was my favorite work experience. These days, I scratch that itch by maintaining a website. The dog you see in my avatar is an American Bull Dog named Blanca. She passed away last year after a bout with cancer at the age of 12. Although she is not my current dog, she is still my inspiration for much of what I feel and sense about our relationship to animals and the natural world.

    I found the Sedona Method through Tara Brach. She recommended the program and told a bit of Lester's story in one of her recent talks to the Insight Meditation Community of Washington DC. I purchased the super-course package of 20 CDs which includes access to the Letting Go movie and Hale's e-book. And I will say I have not been disappointed in the least. I have listened to all the CD's--some more than once, watched the movie twice and am on Chapter 4 of the book. I've been practicing releasing--especially clearing the past and dealing with shame and guilt. My strongest area of interest though is in deepening attention and expanding awareness. I've heard bits and pieces about the fifth way of releasing. I found an older thread in the Q & A forum that recommended a 7 week online course called 'Beyond Letting Go'. But the link to the product page goes to an unrelated website. Is that product still available or has something else taken its place? Does anyone have recommendations about which product(s) would dovetail most directly with my interests?

    Many thanks to Hale and staff for being here and making these wonderful tools available to the world.

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    Hello, Gale. Welcome to the forum.
    What, in this moment, is lacking?


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      Welcome, this is the link to the product you are asking about




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        Hello Vivek: I am pleased to be here and I appreciate your welcome. Btw, I really like your avatar.

        Hi Alex: Thank you for the link. At one time, it seems that Beyond Letting Go was offered as an online course that took place over a 7 week period. Do you know whether that's still available?



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          Hi Gale!

          So nice to hear from you.

          Thanks so much for sharing about your life.

          I am a big dog lover myself. I have three fur canine children, all rescues, at the moment. My little dog and youngest 6 year old is pictured in my avatar. His name is Skeeter Zoozoo Ratman Praete. He's a border collie/terrier mix. My oldest dog is 16 years old, a golden retriever mix. Her name is Minute Creaturegirl Praete. And my middle dog is a 9 years old. He is a labrador mix and his name is Nelson Mandella Cryer Ramakrishna Praete. I also live in a very rural and mountainous area and enjoy hiking around with the "kids" every chance I get.

          It's great to hear that you are finding TSM to be rewarding.

          The last two Inner Circle recordings explore the 5th way. Also, ask Alex how to make sure that you get on the email list for Hale's free free support calls because they are chock full of 5th way explorations and support. I too offer free support calls that include 5th way exlporations. If you send me your email address via private messaging here I can put you on my email list. (That goes for anyone else interested on getting posted about free SM support calls with me).

          Thanks again for your share,


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            Our four legged friends are great trainers for letting go. At least mine is when he decides to wake me at 4am an hour after I've gone to bed in order to get up at 5:30... He's got spring fever at the moment. Making him a little cheeky.

            Presently the recordings are in MP3 format, not weekly sessions.

            If you want to be on the mailing list for offers and joining Hale on live calls go to the main website and sign up here. This link should take you there You will also be notified when Hale has added a new recording to the forum in those emails so. If you happen to forget to check you'll have a great reminder of free information to be found here.



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              Delilah and Alex:

              I have signed up for both lists. It's nice to see other dog lovers here. Not only do our dogs offer us regular opportunities to release, they set pretty good examples to follow too.



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                Hi folks,

                My dogs are great releasers. They let go of everything very quickly all the time. Sometimes they literally shake things off. Other times they just drop "it". It's a great example for me every day.